Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023 – Bahrain Jobs 2023

Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023 – A small Arab monarchy in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is an island country consisting of a small archipelago centered on Bahrain Island. It has a population of 1,378,000 and a total land area of 765 km2. Bahrain has the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. The demand for oil has benefited the country’s banking and financial sector. It is also a petroleum-based economy, which also exports aluminum and other construction materials.

Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani
Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani

These major industries have contributed to the huge demand for Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023. Expats in Bahrain work in one of the prime business locations in the Middle East. The tourism sector in Bahrain has also generated new jobs and opportunities in the recent years.

Below is a comprehensive list of new Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023. The list includes all kinds of vacancies, including jobs for freshers, part-time jobs, walk in interviews and a diversity of careers in sales, marketing, admin, IT, education, teaching, accounting, media, engineering, security and technical professions.

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Job Benefits:

Free Accommodation: Yes

Free Food: Yes

Free Ticket: Yes, After 02 Years completion of

Free Medical: Yes

Health Insurance: Yes

Free Transportation: Yes

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Job Title:

Security Guard


JCB Operator

Finishing Carpenter

Marble Mason


Bike Rider


JEC Operator

Tile Mason

Finishing Carpenetr




80-417 Dinar (BHD)

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History of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment

The Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment was setup on 1st of October 1971, by combining three federal government departments namely National Manpower Council, Protectorate of Emigrants and Directorate of Seamen’s Welfare under the directive of Government of Pakistan. 

The Bureau started functioning under the Emigration Act of 1922 and Rules (1959) which were subsequently replaced by the Emigration Ordinance XVIII of 1979 and Rules made there under. Over a period of time, the Bureau has devised a realistic, pragmatic and systematic emigration mechanism under the emigration laws. 

Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment is a centralized agency of the Federal Government for processing recruitment demands of the Pakistani manpower through Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters, etc. for the different manpower importing countries in the world especially in the Middle East. 

Director General’s Message

It is an honor to be posted as Director General, Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. Overseas employment is playing a vital role in reducing the pressure of UN-employment at home, besides being a major means of earning foreign exchange in the shape of overseas workers’ remittances. 

Overseas employment is thus, serving as the mainstay for the national economy, by providing much needed financial outlay for debt servicing, imports bill, alleviation of poverty, development projects and economic activities. Bureau, being a regulatory body, controls, regulates, facilitates and monitors the emigration process followed by the Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs), in the private sector, besides ‘direct employment’, the mode adopted by the individuals, to seek foreign employment either through their own efforts or relatives and friends living abroad.

The foremost task of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment encompass collection, compilation and tabulation of emigration data of all those Pakistanis who proceed abroad for employment purpose. In fact, the Bureau has been engaged in maintaining comprehensive statistical record of all the migrant workers since 1971, which provides basis for planning and policy formulation by the Economic Division and other interested government departments.

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Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023 – Bahrain Jobs 2023

Urgently Required Nurses in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Job Details


Role: Breast Imaging Radiologist

Salary Range (Bahraini Dinar): BD 1800 to BD 2000

Job Posted: May 10, 2023

Job Expiry: May 17, 2023

Preferred Candidates

Education Level: Master

Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023 - Bahrain Jobs 2023

 Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023 – Bahrain Jobs 2023

Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2024 - Bahrain Jobs 2024
Bahrain Jobs For Pakistani 2023

FAQs – Bahrain Jobs for Pakistanis

What job opportunities are available for Pakistanis in Bahrain?

Bahrain offers a range of employment opportunities for Pakistanis, particularly in sectors such as construction, hospitality, healthcare, information technology, and finance. Job seekers can explore positions based on their qualifications and experience.

How can Pakistanis apply for jobs in Bahrain?

Job seekers can apply for Bahraini jobs through various channels. Online job portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies are common platforms to explore job openings. Additionally, networking and connecting with professionals in Bahrain can enhance job search prospects.

Are there specific requirements for Pakistani citizens to work in Bahrain?

Yes, there are specific requirements for Pakistani citizens to work in Bahrain. These may include obtaining the necessary work visa, providing relevant educational and professional certificates, and meeting any health and security clearance criteria set by Bahraini authorities.

What is the work culture like in Bahrain?

Bahrain’s work culture is diverse and influenced by both Western and Middle Eastern practices. It is generally professional and respectful. The standard working hours are 8 hours a day, five days a week, with Friday and Saturday being the weekend. Understanding local customs and business etiquette is essential for successful integration into the work environment.

What is the cost of living in Bahrain for expatriates?

The cost of living in Bahrain can vary based on individual lifestyles. Expenses include accommodation, transportation, education (if applicable), and daily necessities. It’s advisable for expatriates to research and plan their budget accordingly.

How is the healthcare system in Bahrain, and is it accessible for Pakistani expatriates?

Bahrain has a well-developed healthcare system with modern facilities. Expatriates usually have access to both public and private healthcare services. It’s essential for Pakistani expatriates to familiarize themselves with healthcare options, insurance coverage, and emergency procedures upon arrival.

Can Pakistani families easily relocate to Bahrain?

Relocating to Bahrain with family is a common practice. Expatriates typically bring their families, and Bahrain offers various international schools and community support services to accommodate the needs of diverse expatriate populations.

How can Pakistanis stay connected with their culture while living in Bahrain?

Bahrain has a multicultural environment, and various communities, including a significant South Asian presence, exist. Expatriates can engage in cultural events, join community groups, and celebrate festivals to stay connected with their Pakistani culture while embracing the diverse expatriate community in Bahrain.

What support services are available for Pakistani expatriates in Bahrain?

Pakistani expatriates in Bahrain can access support services through their embassy or consulate. Additionally, numerous community organizations and online forums provide guidance, assistance, and a sense of community for newcomers.

How can Pakistanis stay updated on job opportunities and community events in Bahrain?

To stay informed about job opportunities and community events, Pakistanis in Bahrain can utilize online job portals, social media groups, and community websites. Networking within the expatriate community and attending local events can also provide valuable information and connections.

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