We have heard what you are thinking : do you really earn money by watching television?

You can, indeed!

You may need to do more than sit back and watch TV,but there are plenty of opportunities to turn your time spent relaxing into a lucrative business opportunity.

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Find out how to earn money by watching TV.

Earn money offering your opinions on TV programs

Make your story available to a daytime television show

Be the creator of the next biggest thing

Write the Television script

Make yourself an actor with voice overs

Use PS250 for your home videos that are silly

Participate as an actor on a game show

Be additional

MAKE MONEY BY SCREENING TV giving your views

make money with market research Your opinions are vital for media companies. You can actually shape the course for British television!

Media companies should be aware of what the public thinks and feels as new television shows are out, or when their old favorites change their time slots or when presenters are replaced. They should also know which news outlets are popular.

To determine this the answers, they conduct a survey of a broad section of the population as a focus group or online surveys.

The media companies asking questions are appealing to market research firms to come up with an uninvolved sample of respondents who are interested in them.


You could earn money by watching TV and giving your opinions on television programs.

The focus groups consist of individuals who meet to discuss the latest products and services.

The focus group is available on everything which includes television. Participants are typically paid approximately PS50 for an hour or so with refreshments.

It is possible to walk over every person who is holding clips boards on the streets. However, these people are not always chuggers (charity muggers) Some of them actually are recruiting people to conduct market research.

If you spot your bucket full of money moving and swaying, get it out of the way. If there is not a bucket, inquire about what is happening because they might want to reward you with money in exchange to give their opinion!

Make sure you check out the article we wrote about the market to get more tips about how you can get involved.


make money joining online survey self you are a regular visitor to Money Magpie you will have noticed that we are big supporters of surveys online. They are an excellent option to earn additional money.

Earn anywhere up to £100 by doing surveys online. Sometimes, you will get in prize draws that have huge winnings. You may also be earning points that you can be converted into coupons or cash.

There will be a variety of online surveys to get your opinions on the most recent TV shows, and it is worth joining so that you can earn money by while watching television.

There are a myriad of excellent online surveys available We have a few that we would like to mention are:

Nielsen Online Panel – you can be the winner of as much as PS30,000 in prizes

Inbox Pounds Cash is paid and it provides you with PS1 just when you sign up

Rewards TV Earn rewards by taking part in quizzes on television and movies.

We have a wealth of survey websites that you can earn money from within our online surveys section.


Make money reviewing television shows These times anyone can be a critic.

The word of mouth could decide the fate of the new movie or TV series and so why do not you go on the road and get your share and earn a hefty sum for your efforts?


For instance, allows users to write about all kinds of entertainment including films and television. They will pay their critics, so long as they are reading their content.

They are currently offering 40p for every one thousand people who read the article. Although that might not sound like much, they are an enormous site with lots of visitors and a well-known article can earn you several hundred pounds.

You can sign up to become in their group here.

You could also create a blog on your most loved (or least favorite) television shows. If you begin to see some traffic, you could add ads to your blog to earn money.

Find more information in our guide regarding how to earn money by writing blogs.


Sell your story They are not necessarily prefer to admit it but shows that air on daytime television be difficult to get the right audience members to take part in the air.

Certain shows will pay a good amount to help you get there. Some show pay only for the cost of you appearing to the show, however when producers are willing to pay for it, it is likely to be somewhere around the PS200-300 level.

It is not suitable for all. If you are looking to promote your story the best option is through a PR firm. They will earn a commission from managing the story but they will find the most favorable deal for your financial needs.

PR agencies are able to act as an intermediary for you from the attention of the media. They can also arrange to hide your identity should you want to. They will assist in your efforts to gain media coverage of events, campaigns or other issues that impact people’s lives or tell any of a variety of stories that you think the national media should have.

There are a lot of agencies out there There are many, but some excellent ones to get to begin include Ferrari Press Agency, Palamedes and Jonathan Hartley Associates.

You could also sell your tale to publications or newspapers. It is not uncommon to get more than PS1,000 for an interesting story. Read our post regarding how to earn money out of misery to get more ideas about how to achieve that.

Create a format for a game show

Make money creating a game show format Do do you believe you can develop the next greatest game show?

It is not important which source your ideas originate from it is important that they are effective. If you have the right ideas you can make game show history.

It is not easy to come across However, if you break it, you may be able to create an gold mine.

The most successful shows, such as “Who Wants To Be the Millionaire?’ or The Weakest Link’ have their style replicated across the globe, and the creators earn millions.

But it is extremely difficult to create the best structure. The people who earn a lot of money usually had a couple of years of getting their ideas rejected.

If you are a huge enthusiast of games shows You will likely already know what makes a great game show. If you are watching them a few times per week, you will be learning about them without knowing that it.

Make notes on the things you enjoy and dislike. Look at the similarities and differences with successful formats, and be sure to include certain elements from those formats in your new creation. After you have put your thoughts together, test them with your friends who enjoy watching a variety of games shows.

If you believe you have an idea that is great Make sure to present it on one page on A4-sized paper. If you can understand it from there and you can see it on the paper, then it is got the potential to work on screen.

Read our complete article about making money by making a format for a game show.

Write a TV script

tvIf You love a good show, or are able to get people laughing and laugh, you can write for television.

The majority of genres use a specific design or style which you can search on the internet, or you might decide to design something completely different and that is the main point.

It is not that you should strive for something similar to ‘Friends or ‘Frasier’ however, we had love to hear a laugh and add a bit of drama and a dash of romance and do not forget to enjoy the process of writing a TV screenplay.


Make money using your voiceHave been thinking of becoming one of those voices in TV commercials for automobiles, or the soft purring tone that explains why you should purchase life insurance?

The ability to speak is needed to read TV and radio commercials. If you are able to clearly communicate and have your voice sounded in a pleasant, persuasive and energizing tone, then try this out.

The field of voice overs is extremely competitive. The big agencies usually offer lucrative jobs. Most of the time, they just take actors, celebrities and a few presenters.

In the online world, there are a variety of virtual companies that are mostly based out of the USA and open to anyone who wants to sign up and bid for jobs.

Agents such as Voice123 For instance, they have hundreds of jobs available every day. All you have to do is create an audition of your voice then add it on the website and submit an application for the relevant job.

The majority of jobs come originated in America So they are compensated with dollars. If they are not too difficult, and you have got some basic equipment for recording MP3 at home, they might be worth your time.

Another method to find work is to apply to media promotion companies for example, Voice Talent Depot, which accepts professional voice demos for inclusion on their website. They offer small talent to stations on TV and radio and internet companies, as well as business and consumers.


Make money selling your home videos Got some family-friendly bloopers in video?

If not, would you be able to make one?

Children who fall over, and infants doing cute things, as well as crazy pets are all popular topics in this long-running I TV show ‘You have been Framed’.

They charge PS250 per clip . We recommend sending as many clips as you have They may want one or two.

Where can you send your clips?

It is simple, and as well as the above link You can also send your request via

If you have DVDs or tapes, send them to:


There is no stamp requirement within the UK. Make sure you include your address, name phone number, address and note stating how many clips you are sending and the location they are on the DVD or tape.

Even if your tapes are returned to you It is still a good idea to submit a duplicate and save the original tape for yourself, especially when it is irreplaceable.


By email In the event that you want to format your video, upload it in either an Windows Media file (WMV, MPG, AVI) or Quick time (MOV) file. Real Media Player files are not accepted. Additionally, the larger your file’s size, the more effective. The PAL format is the preferred one but if you are required to upload it as NTSC be sure to state on your message that it is the NTSC file.

Video tape/DVD: You can send your video clips to a regular DVD, video cassette, or DVD. Do not edit your videos. You have been Framed! requires a lot of time to prepare the comedy part and the audience wants to be able see everyone’s hilarious reactions afterward therefore, they should leave it for a while. Avoid adding images or slow-motion replays to the computer. This can prevent your clip from being used.

How long does the PROCESS take?

It will arrive with confirmation receipt within three months after posting your tape, along with your personal reference number. The tape is returned via recorded delivery to minimize the risk of getting lost when you mail it. If you encounter any issues that you have to report the address change or if you do not receive a gift card within three months, you are able to contact the company responsible for tape dispatch BSS at 0131 273-3042.

After your tape has been back, you will get an email from Framed! to inform you that you have been short-listed , and whether your tapes were copied and put on the Framed! files. We will then ask you to fill in the copyright and consent to use form that you have to return.

There is no way to be certain that your videos will be seen, however the series is created each year, so that it could take several years before your selected clips are selected. If and when they are chosen, you will receive an email advising you of the broadcast date of your video. After a few weeks, after the clip is been broadcast on television and you will receive an unreserved fee that is PS250 by way of the cheque.

You will never know if the tape is suitable until you give it to them and if the tape is not correct, then others ITV shows will require footage from home, and the tape could be used to create these.

For more information and advice For more details and tips, go to this You have Been Framed! page.


Make money TV game show “It is the taking part, not winning, it is taking part in the game that is important” According to them, it is the taking part that counts.

Yes, it is the way to win if you are looking to make money.

If you decide to participate in the contest you stand a possibility of winning thousands, or even many hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Who would like to be a MILLIONAIRE?

Ten contestants participate and one is on the hot seat, answering questions that are timed, which gives them the chance to win PS1m prize cash. Participants must be able to answer correctly 15 multiple choice questions in the same order to be a winner, however they can leave at any point and keep their winnings. They also receive three lifelines to aid them.

The topics can vary from history to geography, sports as well as popular culture. You’ll need to read newspapers or research on the internet, then take a look at the show to know the types of questions that are asked.

The show has created five millionaires and the average contestant earning just more than PS45,000.

The show has a queue of candidates and applicants, so keep an eye on their site to see if auditions are open.


This game focuses on assessing your confidence level in your responses to questions of general knowledge, and assigning a dollar worth to your confidence. You need to divide and then place the PS100k on trapdoors representing every possible answer to the question The trapdoors will then open when you choose the wrong answer.

Once the correct answer has been discovered, you can use the cash you placed on the trapdoor for the correct answer to move on to the next round. The process repeats until you get to the last question. If you are able to answer this correctly you will get to keep what remains from your PS100k.

It is true that the show always has an applicant backlog. Follow the process for applying here.


Make money as an extra Fancy being in your favorite TV show?

As an added option, you could!

It is something anybody can achieve. It does not matter how you are like, or how old that you are at, and having a disability. Extras agencies are searching for people like you.

If you have got some spare time in the week, and you reside in the major city where filming takes place, you could earn money by just standing in the middle of the street!

Dramas, soaps, even documentaries use “walk-ons” regularly. It is possible to earn between PS65-PS200 per day performing walk-ons according to your hours and also if you bring the props yourself. And not only that, you are fed very effectively on set!

In general, you will get the work from an agency. You can locate the list of UK agencies on as well as double-checking agents on UK entertainment union’s sites Equity and BECTU.

Read our article on being an extra for the full list of jobs you can do.

Which of these money-making opportunities is appealing to you? Have you ever earned money by appearing on television? We had love hearing from our readers,, so tell us about it in the comments below.

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