100000 Jobs in Canada For Pakistani

100000 Jobs in Canada For Pakistani

6731 Cleaner Alberta

4412 Housekeeper Edmonton, AB

7521 Truck Driver Delta, British Columbia

7513 Taxi Driver Rossland BC

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7305 Taxi and Chauffeurs supervisor

Sherwood Park, AB


Levis Quebic

8431 Farm worker

Burlington Ontario

8252 Farm supervisor

Abbotsford, BC

1211 Office Supervisor

Field BC

7251 Plumbers

Canada New Zealand Europe Visa & Jobs For Pakistani

Scarborough Ontario

6332 Bakers

Vancouver, BC

7271 Carpenters

Victoria, BC

7283 Tilesetters

Calgary, AB

7253 Gas fitters

Top 10 Demand New Jobs Canada

North York, ON

6312 Executive Housekeeper, Kelowna, BC

7281 Bricklayer

London, ON

6315 Cleaning Supervisor

Edmonton, AB

6322 Cooks

Lamont, AB

6311 Food Service Supervisor, Edmonton, AB

Canada Golden Chance Visa For Pakistani 2021

6331 Butchers

London, ON


18-20$ hours 

8-12 hours per day 


Accommodation transportation insurance medical uniform 🥋 

Food Duty time 




Full body photo 

Passport copies 

Education Diploma or technical trade certificate in related field 

Experience 3 -5 years in related field 

Work permit;

2 years 

Process time;

30-45 days 


Must know English read and write 

Advance payment involved 

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