Selling books. Book purchasing business We Buy Books has released data this week that show more cash-strapped Brits than ever before are using them to earn additional cash.

In the last month, we learned that an used Harry Potter book sold for PS478 on eBay which sparked an auction with 45 bids We are all beginning to check out our book shelves for potential earners.

We Buy Books provided us with their statistics from August 2022. They show that during these times of economic hardship the people are more often cleaning out and cashing in their books. This could be due to issues with the rising cost of living, or the added costs associated with having children in the home. However, increasingly more people are realizing the advantages of organizing their piles of books and then having them sorted to pay cash.

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Ben Wads worth from We Buy Books sees books as a good method to earn extra money. “They are something that we are all surrounded by and are often buried in dust. Some are gifted but not read, and others are ones we get rid of. They are a great product to sell”.

What is the average amount people earn on average when by selling their ebooks?

Books of all kinds that you can sell


The month before (August 2022) there were more than 14,000 who were able to sell their books on We Buy Books to make the total of 350,000 copies… And each seller earned an annual average of PS29.05 each. This is a good rainy day savings fund.

The first time we tested the app, we found ourselves with approximately thirty books. We Buy Books was looking for about two thirds of them at cost of PS27 This was a great deal considering that the books we wanted were in an unfinished cupboard for many years.

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After we did sorted out an orderly collection of approved and scanned books, we stumbled across a sturdy container with everything intact. We wrapped our books with care and then printed the contents list that We Buy Books creates for you – then popped into the box together with the books, and then secured the package with heavy strong tape to ensure that it would not break.

The money was deposited in our account just a couple of days after the package was collected. It was like seeing our clean bookshelves and not seeing a plethora of books stuffed into them. Actually, we have began to figure out what books we are not interested in and, if we decide to then, we will definitely use We Buy Books once more.

Types of books you are able to sell

Text books for university or school are always in high demand like non-fiction, fiction or children titles. We Buy Books did not want (this time, in any case) certain of the less well-known or niche biographies we could find or titles that they had a surplus of. In that scenario you may want to consider selling the books via eBay, Amazon marketplace, Facebook or similar auction websites as someone might be interested in the books!

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