Get Paid to Watch The Great British Bake-Off

Get Paid to Watch The Great British Bake-Off – Market research position based upon the popular television show. The new season of The Great British Bake Off which will air on Tuesday 13 September September Baking enthusiasts and wannabe bakers of the popular baking contest are preparing for another fantastic autumn of baking tense biscuits as well as bread-kneading and showstopping cakes.

Get Paid to Watch The Great British Bake-Off
Get Paid to Watch The Great British Bake-Off

And Money Magpie offers you an impressive PS100 just to watch the show! It is a dream for those who already love the show and have not watched Bake Off before, you are looking forward to some delicious desserts. This might inspire you to bake your own recipes at home, one of the things we recommend here at Money Magpie to use as an economical option and also to experience the enjoyment of home baking.

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Get Paid to Watch The Great British Bake-Off

The Job

It is that easy. All you need to do is to watch the premiere season of The Great British Bake Off that airs in live broadcast to channel 4 from 8 pm, Monday 13 September. September. You can also stream the show on catch up with the A ll4 app that is easy to install or use in case you does not have it.

The person chosen for the job will be required to provide the “budget version” of a featured cake that we can give to our readers.

How to Get Paid to Watch Bake Off

Every week, the first baking competition challenges contestants to bake a certain thing , be it tarts, biscuits, scones, or even scones to test their abilities to make a classic cake. What we are asking you to accomplish is:

Find the bake in the first test The bake from the first challenge

Enter your answer in the form below by 5pm on September 19th, (competition starts at 8pm on the 13th September)

We will send an email to the winner on the 23rd of November, Rd September and the request that you Share with us your version of your budget for the bake of the weeks first and you will be awarded PS100 for all the trouble!

It could be a recipe you have developed by yourself, or something you have read on the internet, or based on your search for the most cost-effective ingredients. We will also make sure to share your recipe with our readers and our subscribers.

Terms and Conditions

The deadline for the first email submission is 5pm on the 19th of September. Any entries received after this date will be taken into consideration.

The decision to select the five runners-up is entirely random and is final. The winner of the recipe will be selected by the panel of judges who will then be notified via the email they send. The decision of the judges has been made final. No correspondence is entered into. A winner is required to provide their bank information to pay the PS100 that is protected by the Data Protection Act 2018 and will not be stored in any system of computers.

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