Online Micro Jobs for Students – Micro Tasks

Online Micro Jobs for Students – Micro Jobs Easy Completing Short Tasks – We are all tired once operating all day. the thought of operating another job is not perpetually one thing we wish. Having some more money, though, that is perpetually nice.

So once you are feeling brain-drained and therefore the final thing you would like to try to do is to go “job hunting” or “build a business” or “go sell some stuff” or the rest like that well, guess what?

Online Micro Jobs for Students - Micro Tasks
Online Micro Jobs for Students – Micro Tasks

Their area unit still belongings you will do, from the comfort of your house, any time of day or night, whenever you are feeling love it, to bring home some more money.

What I am talking concerning, specifically, is termed small jobs, microtasks, or short jobs. small jobs area unit simply that fast odd jobs that you simply will do and acquire paid.

Pros and Cons of Micro Job Sites

There square measure some perks to operating with short task sites. this sort of labor would require no startup prices, assumptive you have already got an operating laptop and web affiliation.

There are not any interviews. There square measure undoubtedly no phone calls. There are seldom square measure minimums, which implies you do not have to be compelled to create a tough commitment.

It needs little or no expertise in just about something. On the flip facet, you are not getting to notice major paydays with these items.

If you would like to envision returns above a few bucks, you will got to build small jobs into your routine like micro-tasking whereas you watch Netflix.

Or whereas you are looking ahead to your youngsters to sleep off, or where you have got pockets of your time wherever you will be able to add in some unintelligent activity.

Microtasks Types of Micro Jobs

Microtasks often boil down to things like data entry and categorizing. You will also find things like surveys and no-skill-required things like that. 

Entry-level micro-tasking is about as entry-level as it gets. It does not always have to stay so basic, however. You might find you enjoy micro-tasking, and that will open the door for faster earnings.

As you spend more time on crowdsourcing jobs and building your experience on any given platform, you will get access to higher-paying tasks like transcription.

Depending on what site you are using, you will probably also have the opportunity now and then to take special tests that qualify you for more complex, higher-paying work.

The other benefit to “leveling up” on your favorite platforms is that you will face less competition for any given task.

Keep in mind that this do not move you into serious hourly rates or anything, but if you can make $8 an hour micro-tasking instead of $4 an hour, why would not you?

Best Legit Short Jobs Sites

These are some of the best and most established micro-tasking sites:

Swagbucks Short Tasks

It is no secret that I love and use Swagbucks. You can do surveys and watch videos for rewards on Swagbucks, but what you might not realize is that there is a micro-tasking page on Swagbucks where you can do some short tasks too. 

Payments are made as “Swagbucks” which you can then exchange for cash, Amazon gift cards, and more. Swagbucks is completely legitimate and I can not recommend them highly enough. Sign up for Swagbucks here.

Click Here Swagbucks

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or mTurk

Amazon has really systematized their short task site, and it is one of the most respected micro-tasking sites out there. If you focus on just one platform, this might be the one to choose because you have the opportunity to level up over time.

The mTurk tasks are some of the more “traditional” short tasks it is things like copying hand-written information into a form or transcribing short audio clips.

Payouts from Mechanical Turk are made as deposits into your Amazon account, so they are not exactly cash but if you use Amazon a lot, it will still be beneficial.

Click Here mTurk

ClickWorker Short Task

This is another of the well-known short task sites. You will be able to choose from tasks like translation, research, and data collection at ClickWorker. They do have a minimum amount of money you need to earn before getting paid, which is not a popular requirement for many.

Click Here ClickWorker

InboxDollars Short Tasks

I used InboxDollars for years, and the payouts were nice. With InboxDollars, some of the short tasks will be as easy as reading an email and clicking on the link. You can also take surveys, play games, and more. Payments are made via check.

Click Here InboxDollars


There are several sites like Usertesting that will pay you for testing websites. These gigs take about 15 minutes in which you will be providing feedback to website owners on your experience.

Click Here Usertesting

Fancy Hands Tasks

This site is often an entry point to online virtual assisting. The tasks are varied and can run the gamut from setting an appointment to inbox management. Each task has a set rate based on the difficulty and time involved.

Click Here Fancy Hands Tasks

This site offers transcription and captioning services. They welcome beginners and those without experience provided you can pass their test. These are often small files in need of transcribing.

Click Here


This opportunity will have you out and about in your city. Your task may be to take a photo of a product in a store, check a price or verify a store display. 

Everything is done on your smartphone. Most payments are sent within 48 hours of approval for those who like getting paid fast.

Click Here EasyShift

Gigwalk Task

This is another smartphone app that will have you performing small tasks in your town. These gigs pay anywhere from $3 to $100+ depending on the complexity and time a task will take. Payment is made by PayPal.

Click Here Gigwalk

Field Agent Task

Love mystery shopping? This is another app you will want to check out. These tasks generally pay between $1 and $12. Get paid by direct deposit.

Click Here Field Agent

If you discover that you simply very relish activity tasks like these, and you would like to show it into one thing that brings in additional important financial gain, you may wish to contemplate turning into a contract virtual assistant.

Many of us, however, are dead happy maintaining with their microtask sites and avoiding that whole “starting a business” factor. That is the nice factor concerning the net it offers North American nations this sort of freedom!

Micro job sites are nice for folks that are trying to find one thing with very little commitment. I will usually see students, moms, and caregivers operating the short job sites.

Whether you are socking away your cash for a few fun “extras” in life, otherwise you simply plain just like the plan of earning some cash on the facet while not having to decide to something important, small tasking is value a shot.

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