Amazon Jobs Work From Home – Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs

Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs From Home – You have most likely done some looking on Amazon or taken advantage of their streaming service anyway did you furthermore may grasp that you just will work from home with Amazon? in reality, the corporation usually has many open Amazon jobs, that vary from client support associates to computer code development engineers.

While finding the right gig and applying for it can be challenging, my in-depth guide below will walk you through everything you should know about Amazon Jobs working from home.

Amazon Jobs Work From Home - Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs
Amazon Jobs Work From Home – Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs

Amazon Jobs Work From Home – Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs

What Kind of Work-From-Home Positions Does Amazon Offer?

I mentioned many positions on top of any way that area unit is solely the tip of the iceberg Amazon’s job choice is kind of in-depth. detain mind that there might not be openings for each position that I reference below.

Amazon’s job board will modification daily therefore you will have to be compelled to check back later if you do not see any of those gigs presently listed for your location.

Customer Support Associate

If you have ever called about an Amazon package that got lost in the mail or arrived late, chances are that you have talked to a customer support associate.

These Amazon jobs work from home are located across the globe, from the United States to the Philippines. Even if you will be working from home, Amazon offers openings by location, so you may have to be in the right state or country to get the job.

As an associate, your primary job will be to resolve post-sales problems or even expedite orders that are currently en route.

Amazon supplies a lot of the software for you, so applicants really only need two things to get started: a high-speed internet connection and a phone line.

While you should get at least 18 hours a week as an associate, it is easy to get more hours, especially if it is around the holiday season.

Amazon usually has a lot of openings for support associates, though these positions can fill quickly. They are usually seasonal too, with most of these Amazon jobs work from home showing up around the holiday season. But, if you prove that you can handle the fast-paced environment, it could become a permanent position, too.

Support Associates Pay

Although Amazon does not advertise its salary for support associates, some estimates have put the starting hourly rate around $12 to $14 for reps located in the United States. The guaranteed hourly wage is a perk for a lot of people, as well as the potential benefits it could come with.

Keep in mind that seasonal associates get at least 18 hours a week, but many of them end up working 30 hours or more.

Customer Support Benefits

Customer support associates World Health Organization area unit full-time will get vision and dental insurance and begin building a 401(k) and wrenching up vacation and paid break day.

However, even seasonal staff World Health Organization area unit with the corporate long enough and work quite twenty hours per week will gain access to health coverage and obtain some paid break day.

Customer Support Qualifications

The qualifications for customer support associates are pretty lax. As long as you live in the area where the opening is, you are more than 18 years old, and you have a high school diploma, you should qualify. Amazon will also expect that you can speak English if not fluently, then very close to fluent.

Is Travel Needed?

Customer support associates are fully remote and no travel is required, even to a specific office.

Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon delivery jobs might not seem like work-from-home gigs, but they can be. With companies like Uber and Lyft around, it was only a matter of time before Amazon came up with its own delivery service, Flex. As a Flex driver, you will “be your own boss” delivering Amazon packages or goods to nearby businesses or residences (maybe even hauling those “critical supplies” we all order late at night and then kind of regret the next day).

Although this can depend on location, Amazon Flex drivers make four kinds of deliveries. You either pick up packages from an Amazon delivery station, haul groceries and household items from delivery stations, pick up orders from select stores, or make instant offers.

Amazon Flex Drivers Pay

Amazon estimates that their delivery drivers create around $18 to $25/hour, however that rate will depend upon what number of deliveries you will be able to create and what reasonable tips you receive. Amazon makes a minimum contribution to every delivery you create (at least $15 to $19 associate degree hour), however, the remainder of your earnings depend upon tips. fortuitously, drivers do keep 100% of their tips.

A lot of individuals use Amazon Flex as a part-time gig, however, creating a regular supply of financial gain is difficult. Hours or deliveries do not seem to be secure, and you can not manage what reasonably tips you receive.

However, drivers presently receive direct deposits doubly every week, which makes this a convenient gig for earning money quickly.

An important caveat is that Amazon conjointly does not reimburse you for any mileage, parking, or tolls that you simply could alter.

Amazon Driver Benefits

As an independent contractor, you won’t receive health insurance or paid time off. Much like Uber or Lyft, you can work whenever you want, and sign off whenever you want. What Amazon does promise is that all U.S. drivers (besides NY drivers) will receive this car insurance when they sign up:

Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

Uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage

Auto liability coverage

This coverage is in addition to any car insurance that you may already have.

Amazon Flex Jobs Qualifications

Since Amazon handles differing kinds of deliveries, there square measure some of the qualifications for drivers.

Prime currently orders will go into any quiet automobile, however, if you are delivering packages from Amazon, you will like a minimum of a mid-size 4-door sedan or SUV. Pickup trucks or motorcycles don’t presently qualify.

For victimization the app and navigation, you will like a smartphone, too. you will be set within the U.S., and not all areas or states presently provide Amazon Flex as a service.

But, if Flex is not active wherever you reside, you will forever contact Amazon to ascertain if Flex goes to be offered in your space before long.

Is Travel Needed?

While I had technically listed Amazon Flex as a work-from-home job, you will be spending more time on other people’s doorsteps than at your house! Travel will be necessary to pick up and drop off packages, but you should not need to report to any headquarters or office.

Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

Ask someone about working virtually for Amazon, and they may suggest that you sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is a marketplace that allows people to complete simple virtual tasks that require human intelligence.

This could be anything from transcribing an audio recording, identifying objects in a photo, or even researching data. Most virtual tasks do not require any previous knowledge of what you will have to do.

mTurk is an appealing gig for a lot of people looking to work from home: It is entry-level, has tons of flexibility, and the hiring process is incredibly simple. As long as you fit the few qualifications, you can become a mTurk worker.

However, all those perks also come with a downside: It does not pay a lot, and you are not guaranteed any work or hours. In fact, the number of tasks that you can complete a day is limited.

As a result, I had said that mTurk is better for picking up a little extra pocket change on the side, but you should not count on it being a full-time (or even part-time) job. If you have never done remote work before, but you want to see if you like it, mTurk might not be a bad first gig.

mTurk Worker Pay

Since the tasks do not require a ton of time commitment, the pay as a mTurk worker is low. You are paid by the task, but some estimates suggest that the average worker only makes $2/hour. Only a small percentage of workers can make more than minimum wage, and that is with a lot more time commitment.

That pay also depends on how often you can secure higher-paying tasks, and how fast you can work.


Regardless of your education or experience, all mTurk needs to know is your name, where you live, and your email address. Once your application is accepted, you will need to provide tax and bank information for payments, but that is it.

Is Travel Needed?

mTurk is 100% remote. Whether you live in the United States or Australia, you can virtually complete your mTurk tasks.

Sales & Advertising

If you have already got a little bit of a background in sales or advertising, you might want to head straight for account management or sales specialist gig. Unlike customer support associates, these Amazon jobs from home usually are not entry-level and will require a degree or equal experience in the field.

A customer solutions manager, for instance, has to oversee virtual teams, handle technical projects, and even provide IT guidance to customers. Account managers, however, handle the accounts of different businesses and even government customers. While many of these sounds like “in-house” Amazon jobs, you usually do not need to leave your home for them.

These positions fill up a little less quickly, mostly because they come with a longer list of qualifications, and they are long-term. In fact, there are very few Amazon part-time jobs in the sales and advertising sector.

Online Jobs Benefits

Sales and advertising Amazon online jobs do not skimp on the benefits. Along with health insurance, you can contribute to a 401(k) or Roth 401(k), get guaranteed vacation time, and earn paid (and unpaid) time off.

Amazon Remote Jobs Qualifications

Even Amazon remote jobs like account management will require some prior experience (usually five years or more), and almost all of these jobs prefer that you have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Having a technical background or being bilingual is not a hard requirement, but it could give you an edge.

Other Remote Amazon Jobs That You May See

I have already outlined some of the more common positions that you will see pop up on Amazon’s remote job board, but other positions I came across included:

Remote Security Consultant

Internal Communications Manager

Public Relations Manager

Business Development Manager

Portfolio Manager

Data Analytics Intern

UX Designer

Solar Construction Manager

Facilities and Real Estate Operational Manager

As far as open positions go, Amazon has all its bases covered – even virtually.

How To Find “Virtual Location” Jobs Near You

So, you are fascinated by one in every of Amazon’s work-from-home gigs, however, does one realize listings in your area? For that, you will navigate through Amazon’s “Virtual Location” job board. Sorting by location is usually the easiest way to find positions you want, rather than trying to sift through hundreds of opportunities at once. Be sure to also narrow search results down with the “Work From Home” category.

Once you are looking at Amazon virtual jobs, you can begin filtering jobs by the city or country you live in. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of Amazon’s open positions are for people who live in the U.S. – but there are some listings for Great Britain (GBR), Italy, and even Costa Rica.

Even if you are in the U.S., Amazon continues to filter jobs by the state you live in. States like California or New York usually have the bulk of open positions.

How To Apply For A Work-From-Home Amazon Job

Applying for a work-from-home Amazon job, whether it is for customer service or software development, is fairly straightforward. Just head to the company’s job page, and once you have clicked on the listing you are interested in, click on “Apply Now.”

Before you apply, check that you have got a canopy letter and a resume handy. the majority of positions would require a minimum of a resume, if not a canopy letter, too. Even applying for a client support position can sometimes need a canopy letter that details why you are such an excellent candidate.

After obtaining that resume and making that missive, here square measure your next steps (including what data you will apply for many virtual location jobs):

Once you click on the “Apply Now” link, Amazon can raise you to make a separate account so that you will be able to manage your application and check on its progress (for high-volume jobs, you will 1st check a box to create positive you have to browse the work description).

Applying for an Amazon work-from-home job does not come with a ton of extra steps, and as long as you have got all your documentation ready, you may be able to complete the application within minutes.

And with online applications, you can always log back on and check on the process of your application. More technical jobs might require further steps, like a virtual interview process, to make sure you are qualified.

Keep in mind that the steps above only cover jobs that you find through the virtual locations job board. mTurk workers and Flex drivers go through their own application processes, which I will get into below.

Final Notes About Amazon-Work-From-Home Jobs

The world of Amazon work-from-home jobs is vast and there are tons of ways to earn money whether you have a high school diploma or a Ph.D., there is a little something for everyone. While there are plenty of technical roles out there, many people who work from home with Amazon end up as a customer service associate, a Flex driver, or a mTurk worker.

Flex drivers and mTurk are not bad for part-time gigs or quick money, but a customer service associate role can be a full-time job. You may have to start as a seasonal worker, but as long as you prove that you can meet attendance requirements and complete your hours, you could stay on for much longer.

If you think Amazon might be the right company for your remote work, do not feel discouraged about a lack of opportunities because job openings are constantly changing, and if you do not find the right gig now, you can always check back at a later date.

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