ASF Inspector Jobs 2024

ASF Inspector Jobs 2024
ASF Inspector Jobs 2024

The Airports Security Force (ASF) is a specialized security agency in Pakistan responsible for ensuring the security of airports and the aviation sector. Established to protect the civil aviation industry from unlawful interference, the ASF plays a critical role in safeguarding passengers, airport staff, aircraft, and airport infrastructure.

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Jobs Duties

i) Responsible for overall security of the area/ post assigned to him by his senior and will assist the Company commander/ Officer Incharge in security, Command & admin matters including accounts, Law and Order and training etc.

ii) To work as Officer Incharge of the Platoon/ Section and organize duties of duty personnel under his command.

iii) To take effective measures within the area of his responsibility to safeguard the aircrafts, airport building and Government property at the airport, against any possible threat of sabotage, hijacking and unlawful interference in the smooth functioning of the airport.

iv) To ensure that duty personnel under his command are active, alert and vigilant in the performance of their duty.

Job Overview: Inspector (BS-16)

Ministry/Department: Aviation/Airports Security Force
Grade: BS-16
Special Pay: Not specified
Job Status: Permanent
Eligible Gender: Both male and female candidates are eligible
Minimum Age: 20
Maximum Age: 28

Key Responsibilities

  1. Overall Security Management:
    • As an Inspector, you will be responsible for the security of the area or post assigned by your senior. This includes assisting the Company Commander or Officer Incharge in security, command, administrative matters, accounts, law and order, and training.
  2. Platoon/Section Leadership:
    • You will work as the Officer Incharge of the Platoon or Section, organizing the duties of the personnel under your command. Effective leadership and organizational skills are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your team.
  3. Safeguarding Assets:
    • One of the critical duties will be to take effective measures to safeguard aircraft, airport buildings, and government property at the airport. This involves mitigating any possible threats such as sabotage, hijacking, or unlawful interference.
  4. Personnel Management:
    • Ensuring that the duty personnel under your command remain active, alert, and vigilant is crucial. You will be responsible for maintaining high standards of performance and readiness among your team.

Eligibility and Physical Standards

Candidates must meet the physical standards of fitness as advertised. The eligibility regarding these standards will be determined based on a medical examination arranged by the ASF, Ministry of Aviation, as and when required.

Why Join ASF?

Joining the ASF as an Inspector provides a unique opportunity to contribute to national security and the safe operation of Pakistan’s airports. You will be part of a dedicated team committed to protecting passengers, airport staff, and infrastructure from various threats. Additionally, the role offers career growth, continuous professional development, and the chance to make a tangible impact in the field of aviation security.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about serving in a dynamic and vital sector, this could be the perfect career path for you. Apply now and embark on a journey to ensure the safety and security of Pakistan’s aviation industry.

How to Online Apply

If you want to Apply for this Jobs go to FPSC official website click on Apply Online Button and apply there. You can download Challan Form Here

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