Malta Jobs for Pakistani 2024 – How to Apply Malta Jobs for Pakistani

Malta offers a variety of job opportunities for Pakistani individuals. People from Pakistan can find work in fields such as hospitality, healthcare, construction, and Restaurant in Malta. The country strong economy and growing industries provide a good environment for job seekers. Many Pakistanis have found employment in Malta and have contributed to the country workforce.

Malta Jobs for Pakistani
Malta Jobs for Pakistani

To work in Malta, individuals need to follow the country immigration and work permit regulations. Learning English and possibly Maltese can also be beneficial for finding job opportunities and integrating into the local community. Overall, Malta presents a promising option for Pakistani individuals seeking employment abroad, with various sectors to explore and contribute to.

Posted on17th April 2024
EducationMatric to Master
Last DateDepend on Post
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Job Type in Malta

In Malta, Pakistani peoples can find different types of jobs in various fields. They can work as cashiers in shops, cleaners in offices or homes, waiters or waitresses in restaurants, housekeepers in hotels or private residences, shop assistants in retail stores, plumbers for fixing pipes and water systems, receptionists in offices or hotels, and laborers for general manual work. These jobs are available in different sectors like hospitality, retail, construction, and services. Pakistani individuals can explore these opportunities based on their skills and interests, and contribute to Malta’s workforce in these important roles.

Cashier (10-05-24)

Cleaner (09-05-24)

Waiter/Waitress (01-05-24) English Must

House Keeper (15-05-24)

Shop Assistant (21-04-24)

Plumber (10-05-24)

Receptionist (10-05-24)

Labourer (24-04-24)

Bartender & Cocktail Bar Server (15-05-2024)

Administrative Clerk (Quality Department) 12-05-2024)

Bodyshop Administrator (30-04-2024)

Accounts Administrator (12-05-2024)

Food and Beverage Server (17-05-2024)

Marketing Manager (15-05-2024)

Senior Accounts Executive (12-05-2024)

Installer (Shelving and Racking) (30-04-2024)

English Required for All posts.

How to Apply for Malta Jobs

To apply for jobs in Malta, Pakistani individuals can visit the website On this website, they can create an account and browse through a wide range of job listings in various sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, construction, and information technology. After finding a suitable job, they can apply directly through the website by submitting their updated resume or CV along with a cover letter.

The website also provides resources and tips for job seekers, including information about work permits and immigration procedures for individuals from Pakistan. Additionally, it may offer guidance on preparing for interviews and navigating the job application process in Malta. By utilizing this website, Pakistani individuals can access job opportunities and take steps towards securing employment in Malta.


In conclusion, Pakistani individuals seeking job opportunities in Malta have a variety of options available to them, ranging from roles in hospitality, retail, construction, and services. They can explore job listings on websites like and apply directly for positions that match their skills and interests. By leveraging online resources and understanding the work permit and immigration procedures, Pakistani job seekers can take proactive steps towards securing employment in Malta. With determination and preparation, they can contribute to Malta’s workforce and pursue rewarding career opportunities in a new environment.

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