National Saving Digital App

National Saving Digital App

National Savings is a government organization that helps Pakistani people save and spend in different ways. The National Savings Organization (NSO) has different plans for different kinds of people. Here are some of the most common ways that National Savings Digital App Pakistan helps people save money and make investments.

National Savings Digital App is giving its account holders a mobile app. National Savings has joined the digital age by making an app for its account holders and investors to use on their phones to keep track of their activities and investments. On Monday, a spokesman for National Savings of Pakistan talked about the National Saving digital app. He said that National Savings has joined the Digital Age by giving its clients a digital app called “Quomi Bachat Digital.

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National Savings Mobile App

In the digital world, where everything is at your fingertips, the National Savings Organization (NSO) is happy to launch a mobile app to help more people get access to financial services. Both people who already have accounts and people who don’t can use this app to make deals and open new accounts. Check out the things that this app can do.

Openings of Accounts Through Mobile App

The following accounts can be opened with National Saving digital app while using the Mobile Application.


Digital Savings Account

Digital Sarwa Islamic Savings Account

Digital Sarwa Islamic Term Account

Purchase of Digital Versions of Savings Schemes Through Mobile App

Digital Special Savings Certificates

Digital Regular Income Certificates

Digital Short-Term Savings Certificates

Other Features of the National Savings Mobile App

Online Funds transfer from any bank to your savings account

Encashment of digital products ( full & partial)

Funds transferred within the national saving digital app

Correlation of savings account with certificates

Linking of savings account through RAAST

Investment Calculator

The spokesman also said that the mobile application will help National Savings investors by letting them see their current certificate and account amounts, get information about investments by product, and get SMS and email alerts about any changes to their certificates and accounts.

The investors will be able to look at their transaction records and account statements, search for the results of Prize Bond draws, and save Prize Bond numbers for future draws. Customers of National Savings will benefit the most from this digital app, and the “Quomi Bachat Digital” will be offered in both Urdu and English to make things easier for National Savings investors.

The spokesman also said that National Savings has 223 offices and that 70% of their data has been computerized and is available online. The rest of their data is still being computerized, but it will be done soon.

The digital app for National Savings is a non-financial version of the online branches. In the next step, a version of the app with financial transactions and a lot of other features will be added. National Savings has also opened a state-of-the-art Call Center with a computerized method for handling complaints. The number to call the call center is 051-9226635, and the spokesman said that all customer issues will be tracked until they are solved.

How to Download National Savings Digital Application

You can get the app from the Apple Store and the Google Play store. Look for a mobile app that helps people save money and install it. Just follow the steps and you’ll have an account.

You can install the Quomi Bachat Digital App for Android devices

Download Here

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