Register Verizon Business Account – Sign up for The Account

Register Verizon Business Account

Register Verizon Business Account

Sign up for the account that’s right for you.


From bill pay to activating new devices online, a My Business account helps give you control over your Verizon services so you can get back to work faster. 


Manage Fios

My Business helps you take care of all your Verizon wireline business services in one place. You can easily pay your bill, set up apps, or monitor TV controls. 


How To Create a New My Business User

You can create a new user in My Business in a couple of minutes. Here’s how.

Sign in to My Business

Click Manage, then click Company, then click Company users. 

Click Add a new user.

Enter the user’s first name, last name, and phone number.

  • Once the user begins registration, we will test this number a One Time Passcode during registration.
  • This number can’t have an extension and must be able to receive a text message.

Enter the new user’s business email address.

  • This email is used for account updates and order confirmations.

Click Continue

Select a user role in the dropdown menu.

  • Click Need help finding a role? for assistance in selecting the best role for each new user.

Next, choose which product tools this user should be able to access.

  • Click the box next to “All product tools”, or click the boxes by the specific product tools you want them to access. 

Click Continue.

If you have One Talk, you can select One Talk access on the next page. Click Continue or Skip.

On the Billing and Company structures page, you can assign which view you want the new user to have in My Business. 

  • You can click Billing Structure or Company Structure.
  • The Billing Structure option will apply to most customers.

Click Select All to provide access to every account, or you can pick individual accounts by clicking Select.

When you’re finished with account selection, click Save.

And that’s it. The new user will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to complete the registration process.

You use the same username and password for the My Verizon for Business app.

Manage your Verizon services when and where you want to.

Register Verizon Business Account


Register Now!

My Business for Wireless

My Business gives you the access you need with tools and benefits to help manage your Verizon wireless services, save money and get you back to business more quickly.

Shop and activate new devices online

Make online payments and view user details

Keep tabs on data usage


My Business for phone, internet, and TV

Take care of all your Verizon wireline business in one place with one account.

Manage multiple accounts, including payment options, with one user ID

Monitor TV controls and permissions

Pay bill online and set up auto-pay 

New registered users at My Business may add and view their Verizon Enterprise accounts using their Verizon My Business User ID.


Register at Verizon Enterprise Center


The easiest way to register at Verizon Enterprise Center is with an invitation code. You can find an invitation code within the Manage Your Account Online section of your invoice.  If you can’t access an invitation code, skip down to Register using other account information.

Getting started

1. To start the self-registration process, you will need to go here

2. For Verizon Enterprise Center, click Register using an invoice or invitation code >

3. Enter your company email address into the “business email address” field and click Submit

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration

To learn more about how to register step by step, continue reading below.

Step 1: Your information

Please enter the following information shown below and click Next to continue:

Required fields

-Business email address

-First Name

-Last Name

-Country code

-Phone number

-Extension (optional)

Note: Public domains like,,, etc may not be approved by your company for registration.

Step 2: Enable access to your account

You will need to help us verify that you have permission to access your company’s account(s). Choose one of the three options listed:

Register using an Invitation Code 

Enter your invitation code and click Next If you have an invitation code issued within the past 60 days.

Note: To know more about invitation codes, visit the Invitation Code support page.

Register using a Verizon invoice

If you have a Verizon invoice issued within the past 60 days, click the Verizon invoice box and follow the steps below to locate the invitation code on your Verizon invoice. You can also check the Manage Your Account Online section of your invoice to find your invitation code.

Automated phone call

Enter the billing phone number associated with the account to receive a PIN via an automated phone call

A pop-up window will confirm you are being called

Listen to the four-digit PIN message and enter the code

The Submit button will activate after you end the call

Click Submit and continue

Standard mail

Enter the billing address listed on the account. We’ll mail an invitation code within 7 – 10 business days

Click Next to receive a pop-up window that confirms your request has been submitted

After receiving the invitation code, please return to Verizon Enterprise Center and register using your invitation code

Your company’s Primary Contact

We will contact your company’s Primary Contact, who has the authority to grant access to your Verizon Enterprise Center account.

We will start the verification process by contacting your company’s Primary Contact via email

You’ll receive an email once verification is complete

If approved within 30 days, you will be able to monitor and manage your Verizon products and services online

Step 3: Create a username and password

Note: Watch the video on How to register using Other Account information

Enter a username and password and click Next to continue.

Note: Make sure your username is not already taken. Also, your password strength is medium to strong.

Step 4: Verify your email address

We’re almost done!

Check your email inbox for a verification code. Enter that code in the Enter the verification code field and click Submit to verify your email address and complete registration.

If you find any trouble receiving the verification code, click on the Don’t see the verification email in your inbox yet link to explore help options

Don’t see the verification email in your inbox yet?

Check your email address for typos, if you need to update the email address change it using the text field provided

Check your spam and deleted items

Search your inbox for keywords like “Verizon” or “verification”

Resend the verification email by clicking Resend

Step 5: Complete registration

Once you are registered, you will see a pop-up window confirming successful registration. You may now sign in using the username and password you just created.


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