Japan Jobs for Pakistani – Japan Visa For Pakistani – Japan Visa Requirements for Pakistani

Jobs in Japan for Foreigners are available in many reputed companies of Japan. Japan is very famous for its automobile industries Like Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Sony, etc. Japan boasts the third largest economy in the world.

Over 100,000 Foreigners are working in Japan. Because it has a high employment rate. A handsome amount of Salary, Compensation, and other benefits as well. Learning of Japanese Language is not mandatory.

Japan Jobs for Pakistani - Japan Visa For Pakistani - Japan Visa Requirements for Pakistani
Japan Jobs for Pakistani

Japan Jobs for Pakistani – Japan Visa For Pakistani – Japan Visa Requirements for Pakistani

Fauji Foundation Overseas Employment Services

Fauji Foundation Overseas Employment Services OES announces New Overseas Employment Opportunities Japan Jobs for Pakistani. Interested Pakistani Nationals should not miss this opportunity (Overseas Employment Services OES Japan Jobs for Pakistani in Japan for IT Professionals).

The Fauji Foundation OES Career Opportunities are opening for IT Professionals (JAVA Engineers (Full Stack), Java Engineers (Back End), DevOps Engineers, and Software Quality Assurance Engineers).

These opportunities are opening in Tokyo, the Capital of Japan. Desired IT Professionals who wish to apply must meet the OES’s eligibility terms and conditions.

DevOps Engineer (JAVA):

Qualification: Master/Bachelor in Computer Science/Software Engineering or any relevant degree (Total four years of the degree).

Experience: 3+ years of relevant experience in Terra forms, recognizing and fixing bugs, and coding experience (It could be in JAVA or Python- Most Preferred).

Full Stack Java Developer:

Qualification: Master/Bachelor in Computer Science/Software Engineering or any relevant degree (Total four years of degree).

Experience: 3+ years of relevant experience in JAVA 11 version, system design, system architecture, and Micro Services (Most Preferred).

Software Quality Assurance Engineer:

Qualification: Master/Bachelor in Computer Science/Software Engineering or any relevant degree (Total four years of degree).

Experience:  3+ years of extensive experience in software development and testing.

Backend JAVA Engineer:

Qualification: Master/ Bachelor in Computer Science/ Software Engineering or any relevant degree (Total four years of degree).

Experience: 3+ years of proven work experience as a Back-end developer.

Desired individuals who fill the above-described requirements may Apply Online at the OES Japan Jobs for Pakistani Portal at https://www.faujioes.org.pk/careers/.

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Fauji Foundation Overseas Employment Services Japan Jobs for Pakistani

 Posted on:    11th August 2023
 Location:      Pakistan
 Education:    Bachelor, Master
 Last Date:     August 30, 2023
 Vacancies:    30000+
 Company:     Fauji Foundation Overseas Employment Services
 Address:       Overseas Employment Services OES, Rawalpindi

Fauji Foundation Overseas Employment Services

Vacant Positions:

  • IT Professionals & Other
Japan Jobs for Pakistani
Japan Jobs for Pakistani

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You will find many opportunities where your skills would be welcome. As Japanese love students who have CS Skills, Programming, or something related to IT. But there are other Jobs in Japan available as well. The Japanese will also provide Visa assistance and support if you secure a Job. Visa sponsorship and renewal support, Pay raise every year.

You need to apply for a Work Visa for Japan before coming to Japan. The Starting Salary in Japan for Foreigners is 300,000 Japanese Yen. With this Salary they offer negotiable, renewal bonus, vacation days and paid days.

The application process is very very easy for Japanese Jobs. Believe me, there are many benefits of doing a Job in Japan. The List of Jobs in Japan for Foreigners is available below.

Jobs in Japan

10th, Secondary, Undergraduates, Graduates at all levels generally can apply for Better Jobs in Japan. Full-time, Part-time, and Internship opportunities in Japan are available.

Jobs in Japan

Major Japanese Industries include:


consumer products (electronics)

manufacturing (mining)

information technology


services (banking, retail, telecommunications)


transport (aerospace, automobiles, shipbuilding).

Major companies in the country include:


Honda Motor Company

Japan Post Holdings

Mitsubishi Corporation

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Soft Bank Group

Sony Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation

English Teaching Jobs in Japan

Japan hires the highest number of international applicants who can teach basic English to students, and kids.

List of Available Jobs in Japan for International Applicants

Education, Teaching, Training, Coaching: This is a popular Job in Japan.

Salary: ¥270,000 – ¥280,000 / Month

Japanese Level: Not necessary

Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Information Technology, Engineering, Telecommunication: This is the High Paid Job in Japan with a Starting Salary of ¥450,000 / Month.

Japan Jobs for Pakistani
Japan Jobs for Pakistani

Salary: ¥300,000 – ¥450,000 / Month

Japanese Level: Basic

Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Electrical, Electronics Jobs in Japan: This one is also the Highest Paid Job in Japan. They will Pay 4,000,000 Pay/year

Employer Type: Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency

Industry: Electronics / Electrical Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing

Salary: ¥4,000,000 / Year (Based on interview performance, experience, etc.)

English Level: Business Level

Japanese Level: Business Level

Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed

Engineering Jobs in Japan: This includes Data engineer, IT Engineer, Embedded Software support engineering, Electronic Support, and many other fields.

Salary: ¥4,000,000 / Year (Based on interview performance, experience, etc.)

Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed

Media, Journalism, Freelancer Jobs in Japan: Salary: ¥300,000/Month

Admin, Accounting HR Jobs in Japan: ¥300,000/Month

Entertainer Jobs

Entry Level, New Grad Jobs

General Business

General Labour Jobs



Marketing, Advertising

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How to get a Job in Japan (Application Process)

You will need to secure employment before arriving in Japan.

First, you have to Visit this Site: https://jobsinjapan.com/

Second, if you are not a Japanese Citizen, then you have to click on “Overseas”

Under Overseas all the Jobs Opportunities will be available in Japan for International Applicants.

Once you get an offer for a Job, they will assist you with all the Visa processes for coming to Japan.

Internships in Japan

Japanese internships can also be arranged by the following organizations:

Internship In Japan – this Tokyo-based provider organizes business, creative and technical internships through a network of over 300 companies. These range from 3-4 weeks to 21-24 weeks at any time of year. You can also learn Japanese at its partner language school while you work.

Internship Japan – a voluntary organization helping those from overseas to secure internship opportunities in Japan.

Types of Working Visa for Japan

Professor (Examples: university professor, assistant professor, assistant, etc.)

Artist (Examples: composers, songwriters, artists, sculptors, craftspeople, photographers, etc.)

Religious activities (Examples: religious people such as monks, bishops, missionaries, etc.)

Journalists (Examples: newspaper journalists, magazine journalists, editors, news cameramen, announcers, etc.)

Business manager (Examples: company presidents, directors, etc.)

Legal/Accounting services (Examples: attorneys, judicial scriveners, public accountants, tax accountants, etc. certified in Japan)

Medical services (Examples: physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, etc. certified in Japan)

Researcher (Examples: researchers, investigators, etc. at research institutes, etc.)

Instructor (Examples: teachers, etc. at elementary schools, intermediate schools and high schools)

Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services (Examples: scientific engineers, IT engineers, foreign language teachers, interpreters, copywriters, designers, etc.)

Intra-company transferee (Examples: people transferred to the Japanese branch (head office of the same company, etc.)

Nursing care (Example: certified care worker)

Entertainer (Examples: musicians, actors, singers, dancers, sportspeople, models, etc.)

Skilled labor (Examples: chefs specializing in the food of a foreign country, animal trainers, pilots, sports trainers, sommeliers, etc.)

Specified skilled worker (Work-ready foreign nationals who possess certain expertise and skills in certain industrial fields.)

Technical intern training (Examples: Technical intern)

Do I need a visa to work in Japan as a Pakistani?

Yes, you typically need a valid work visa to work legally in Japan. The type of visa you will need depends on your specific situation and job offer. Common work visa categories include Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/International Services, and Skilled Labor.

How can I find job opportunities in Japan from Pakistan?

You can start by searching for job listings on international job websites, contacting Japanese companies directly, or working with recruitment agencies that specialize in international placements. Networking and attending job fairs or seminars related to working in Japan can also be helpful.

Do I need to speak Japanese to work in Japan?

While some international companies in Japan may hire non-Japanese speakers, the ability to speak Japanese is a significant advantage in the job market. Learning Japanese, especially if you plan to live in Japan long-term, is highly recommended.

What are the typical industries that hire foreigners in Japan?

Industries such as IT, engineering, finance, education (English teaching), and hospitality often hire foreigners. However, opportunities can vary depending on your skills and qualifications.

Is there a demand for Pakistani workers in Japan?

The demand for foreign workers in Japan can vary by industry and region. Some industries experiencing labor shortages may be more open to hiring foreign workers. Researching job markets and industries in demand can help you identify opportunities.

What is the application process for a Japanese work visa?

The process can be complex and requires several documents, including a valid job offer from a Japanese employer. You will typically need to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) through your prospective employer, then apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in Pakistan.

Can I switch jobs while on a work visa in Japan?

Yes, it is possible to switch jobs in Japan, but you will need to follow the proper procedures, including obtaining a new job offer, updating your visa status, and notifying the immigration authorities of the change.

What are the living expenses in Japan?

Living expenses in Japan can vary widely depending on your location and lifestyle. Major cities like Tokyo and Osaka tend to have higher living costs. Be prepared for expenses related to housing, food, transportation, and healthcare.

Is it possible to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in Japan?

Yes, it is possible to apply for permanent residency after living in Japan for several years on a work visa. However, the specific requirements and eligibility criteria can vary. Japanese citizenship is also an option, but it usually requires a long-term commitment and meeting stringent criteria.

Are there any support organizations or resources for Pakistani job seekers in Japan?

Some organizations and community groups in Japan provide support and information to foreign workers, including those from Pakistan. It is a good idea to seek out local expat communities and support networks for guidance and advice.

Please note that immigration policies and job markets can change over time, so it is essential to consult with official sources, such as the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the most current information and guidance regarding working in Japan as a Pakistani national.

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