Greece Work Visa for Pakistani 2023 – Greece Visa for Pakistani 2023 – How to for Greece Work Visa

Greece Work Visa for Pakistani
Greece Work Visa for Pakistani

Greece Work Visa for Pakistani 2023 – Urgently Required Pakistani Workforce in Greece

Our leading client in Greece urgently requires the services of the Pakistani Workforce who fulfill the below-mentioned prescribed qualification and experience:

Greece Work Visa Process 2023 Details

The work visa for Greece also known as”the Extended Stay visa or Greek D Visa allows you to visit the country and remain longer than three months. This permit will enable you to take part in a variety of paid-for activities.

When you have received your D Visa and moved to Greece You must apply for a working and residence permit. The duration of the D Visa is typically one year.

Various other kinds of work visas have different validity dates;

Seasonal Employees visa – 6 months

Fish workers visa – 11 months

Artistic group visa – one year

Employed employees visa that is legal — 1 year

Qualified technical Employees visa – 6 months

Tourist leaders who are organized groups — for 8 month

Specialized personnel visa (coaches/sportspeople) – 6 months

Students participating in trainee ship program visa – 6 months.

Greece Work Visa Requirements

In general, the following list of requirements is necessary to have to go, but the conditions could alter, or you might be required to provide additional documents based on your country of residence and the center you are applying to, for example;

A valid passport.

Greece works visa application form.

Work permit authorized by Greece.

Employment contract from the employer of Greece.

Your photographs.

Criminal records that are clean and certificates.

Health insurance.

Health certificate.


Educational certificates.

Any work experience.

Evidence of the accommodation available within Greece.

Proof of income.

Greece Work Visa Processing time

The processing time is dependent upon the processes involved including

In the beginning, you will be issued an employment permit that could be longer than you expected because the authorities will look at every aspect and verify whether you are eligible for a permit to work.

Also, following getting a work permit you will need to schedule an appointment in the Embassy to request a visa for work or to collect your documents. In Collective, this may take as long as one or two months.

Greece Work Visa Cost

The price of the Greece work permit is between 190 and 285 EUR. This is not inclusive of fees for a permit to work. In some instances, the cost is paid by employers.

Job Title:

Hotel Receptionist

Continental Cook



General Workers


775-1400 Euro (EUR)

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Greece Work Visa for Pakistani
Greece Work Visa for Pakistani


Heavy Equipment Operator



Having an Equipment Operator License
Minimum Matric with Good Physical Conditions


01 to 03 years of relevant experience


25 to 55 Year


700 to 1200 Euros per Month

The validity of a Greece works visa for 2023

The validity of a Greece working visa can be less than what is extended when you can apply for a residence permit. A residence permit can be valid for as long as one or two years.

The permit to reside can be extended and must be extended before the expiration date to avoid any additional fines.

Greece Work Visa Application Process

There is a specific method of applying for the Greece work visa that requires a few steps for instance;

Step 1:

Find an employment opportunity in Greece. It is possible to do this by searching for different recruitment agencies that provide interviews to companies that are from Greece. You will need to agree to a contract with your employer or business if you are offered a job offer.

The contract should state the entire scope of your work and the amount you earn.

Step 2:

Employers will apply for the work permit on behalf of you with the Decentralized Administration of the City of your residence. After your work permit has been accepted after the assessment and tests, your permit will be sent to the Embassy of your country. you will be informed after that you have the option of applying for a work visa.

Step 3:

Fill in your forms carefully, and check for any errors since visas are generally rejected when there are inaccurate details.

Step 4:

Also, collect all the required documents. After that, you need to visit the embassy and complete your Greece Work Visa application form. Be prepared to be ready for additional documents.

Step 5:

Going to an embassy needs an appointment. Thus, schedule an appointment with your nearest Embassy and collect all documents. Complete the application and pay the required visa and application fee. The applicant will be asked to explain the reasons for her decision to move to Greece.

Step 6:

Now you will need to wait for the visa application process which could take several days or even weeks, depending on your location. After you have completed the process, you will be able to get your visa at the address to which you submitted your application. Perhaps they will require you to pick it up.

Step 7:

Once you have your visa and all is in order then you can travel to Greece and you will need to apply for a residence permit when you are in Greece. Go to the Decentralized Administration near your residence and be guided through each step needed to get residence permits.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Ability to work in extreme conditions
  2. Ability to work in a team
  3. Free accommodation
  4. Monthly Food allowance
  5. Transportation to construction sites will be provided by the company
  6. Air Ticket not provided
  7. The company will provide public insurance to all employees which includes medical coverage at all the public sector hospitals in Greece

Note: The applicant will submit/attach the deposited Bank Challan amounting to Rs 500 (against each position) and the “Challan Form” can be downloaded.

Option #1: Visit any HBL Branch and submit the bank challan in Account No.0112-79010447-03.

Option#2: Pay online in HBL (Islamabad) Account No. 0112-79010447-03. 

Option #3: Pay online from outside Pakistan HBL IBN # PK84 HABB 0001127901044703 

HELPDESK Team (for Online application via OEC’s Online Job Portal)

Interested candidates may apply Online through OEC Website and technical support for Apply Online, please 

contact OEC-HELPDESK-Team; OEC Head Office Islamabad OEC 

Head Office Islamabad (051-9253254 & 051-9253247), OEC 

Regional Office Lahore (042-99332953 & 042-99332955), OEC 

Regional Office Karachi (021-99203474 & 021- 99206392), OEC 

Regional Office Peshawar (091-9225473), OEC Regional Office 

Quetta (081-9211651) and Email: 

Why Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC)?

OEC is the only Government organization, OEC Official Website:
The approved charges of OEC are nominal; URL:
One Window facilitation desk (Quick attestation of documents from all relevant departments/organizations)
Transparency and Exploitation Free Services.

Outreach / Nationwide presence (Headquarters Islamabad & 04 Regional Offices i.e., Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta). OEC Travels (Own Travel Agency). 

Greece Work Visa for Pakistani
Greece Work Visa for Pakistani

FAQs – Greece Work Visa for Pakistani 2023

What are the available job opportunities for Pakistanis in Greece?

The available job opportunities for Pakistanis in Greece vary depending on factors such as qualifications, skills, and legal requirements. Common job sectors where Pakistanis may find opportunities in Greece include hospitality, agriculture, construction, healthcare, and information technology. It is important for individuals to research specific job openings and requirements through reputable job portals and consult with relevant authorities for accurate and up-to-date information.

Pakistanis who wish to work in Greece must fulfill certain legal requirements. These typically include obtaining a valid work permit or visa that allows them to work legally in the country. The specific process and requirements for obtaining a work permit may vary depending on the job category, duration of employment, and other factors. It is advisable for individuals to consult with the Greek embassy or consulate in Pakistan or seek guidance from professional immigration services to understand the precise legal requirements.

How can Pakistanis search for job opportunities in Greece?

Pakistanis can search for job opportunities in Greece through various channels. They can utilize online job portals and websites that specialize in international job listings. Additionally, networking with professionals in relevant industries, joining expatriate communities or online forums, and seeking assistance from recruitment agencies that cater to international placements can also be helpful. It is important to stay updated with the latest job postings and apply for positions that align with their skills and qualifications.

Are there language requirements for Pakistanis to work in Greece?

The language requirements for Pakistanis to work in Greece may vary depending on the job sector and specific job requirements. In certain industries, such as hospitality or customer service, fluency in English may be sufficient. However, for other sectors or specific job roles, knowledge of the Greek language may be necessary. It is advisable for individuals to assess the language requirements of the job they are interested in and consider improving their language skills if necessary.

What resources are available for Pakistanis seeking employment in Greece?

Pakistanis seeking employment in Greece can utilize various resources to aid their job search. They can consult with local and international recruitment agencies specializing in overseas placements. Online job portals and websites that focus on international job opportunities can also provide valuable listings. Additionally, networking with professionals in relevant industries, attending job fairs or career events, and joining online communities or forums dedicated to expatriate employment can offer additional support and guidance during the job search process.

What are the job opportunities for Pakistanis in Greece?

Job opportunities for Pakistanis in Greece vary, but common fields include information technology, hospitality, and agriculture. Be sure to check Greece’s immigration and work permit requirements before applying.

How can Pakistanis apply for jobs in Greece?

Pakistanis can apply for jobs in Greece by searching online job portals, networking with Greek employers, or seeking assistance from recruitment agencies. Ensure you have the necessary documentation and permits to work legally in Greece.

What is the process for obtaining a work visa for Greece as a Pakistani?

To obtain a work visa in Greece as a Pakistani, you need to secure a job offer from a Greek employer. Then, you can apply for a work visa through the Greek Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan. Ensure you meet all the visa requirements and submit the required documents.

Are there any language requirements for Pakistani job seekers in Greece?

The language requirements vary depending on the job and employer. While English is often used in the IT and tourism sectors, learning some Greek can be advantageous. It is best to check the specific language requirements for the job you are interested in.

What is the cost of living in Greece for Pakistani expatriates?

The cost of living in Greece for Pakistani expatriates can vary based on the city and lifestyle. Generally, Athens and Thessaloniki are more expensive than other cities. Make sure to budget for accommodation, food, transportation, and healthcare when planning your move to Greece.

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