Ireland Jobs for Pakistani – Ireland Work Visa For All Jobs 2023 – Pepsi Jobs in Ireland Online Apply 2023

Ireland Jobs for Pakistani – Ireland Work Visa For All Jobs 2023 –  Pepsi Jobs in Ireland Online Apply 2023 – Ireland is looking for Foreign workers to come and work in Ireland so they can fill the Job Vacancies. Ireland is facing a Labor shortage and that is why the Irish Govt is offering Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 just like they offered in 2022 for International workers and applicants. Ireland has a lot to offer as it contains many fields.

Ireland Jobs for Pakistani
Ireland Jobs for Pakistani

If your field is listed in the Shortage occupation list then there are high chances of getting a Job in Ireland. Ireland is the European hub of over 1,000 leading multinational companies. Companies that require skilled, educated applicants do apply for Jobs in Irish companies with Sponsorships. Ireland is easy to Find a Job.

Ireland continues to attract a huge amount of foreigners. The Irish economy has skills shortages in several areas including Business and finance – accountants, business intelligence analysts, financial advisers, and risk and compliance professionals. Engineering – biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, energy engineers.

Ireland Jobs for Pakistani – Ireland Work Visa For All Jobs 2023 –  Pepsi Jobs in Ireland Online Apply 2023

  • Administrative Support
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Graduates and Trainees
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Research and Development

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Administrative Support

  • Administration Assistant


  • Senior Designer


  • Process Improvement & Productivity Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Engineering Graduate


  • Supply Chain Finance Manager

Graduates and Trainees

  • Quality Graduate

Human Resources

  • HR Operations Coordinator – 12-month contract
  • Talent Management Data Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist – up to 12 months contract

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  • IT Controls Analyst
  • IT Enterprise Solutions Architect

Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Customer Rep
  • Supply Chain Customer Account Manager
  • Registration Lead – up to a 12-month contract
  • Supply Chain Customer Account Manager – 12-month contract
  • Material Planner – 9-month fixed-term contract
  • Supply Chain Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Operations Manager

 Manufacturing and Production

  • Production Operators


  • Marketing Manager

Purchasing and Procurement

  • Global Procurement Senior Buyer
  • Global Procurement Associate Manager

Research and Development

  • R&D SRA Assoc Scientist – up to a 12-month contract
  • R&D Eng Sr Technician
  • R&D Graduate – Concentrate & Beverage Development – 24-month contract
  • R&D Eng Principal Engineer – up to a 12-month contract

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List of Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

Job Country: Ireland

Job Sector: Any

Here is the list of Irish Companies Jobs line by line with the link to the Job Website.

#1. Intel Corporation

Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs are available in Intel company which is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue and is one of the developers of the x86 series of instruction sets, the instruction sets found in most personal computers. 743 visas have been approved for Ireland through Intel in 2020 alone.

All you need to do is apply on Intel main website the link that is given below. Add the city you want to find a job in Ireland you can also search for a specific job post.

Apply here: Official Link For Application

#2. Apple

Second, on the list is Apple which is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and you do not get to a market valuation of more than $1 trillion without top talent in the ranks. 748 visas were approved in 2020 alone.

Apply Here: Official Link Click Here

#3. Meta Jobs

The Third of the big tech firms on this list snapping up international talent is Meta. The firm’s headcount has more than doubled since 2017. With the business constantly introducing new product lines, like Reels to Instagram, a newsletter to rival Substack, and virtual reality (VR) headsets, there are plenty of opportunities for talent at the firm. 1,184 visas have been approved in 2022.

Apply Here: Official Link for application

#4. Google

The share price of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has rocketed since current CEO Sundar Pichai took over Google in 2015. The firm is also a top destination for international MBA grads looking to secure H-1B visas after business school. H-1B visa sponsorship at Google is likely for international talent—the firm had 1,682 initial approvals in 2020. Expect this number to grow as the company continues to do so.

Apply Here: Official Website Link

#5. Microsoft

Microsoft hires 200 graduates every year into its leadership development program alone—Microsoft Aspire Experience. Within the two years, you will mingle with your global cohort, meet mentors in leadership positions, and work across teams to develop a future strategy within the company. With plenty of leadership positions open for top talent in the firm, it is no surprise Microsoft ranks among the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas. 1,790 visas have been approved in 2020 alone.

Apply Here: Official website link

#6. Amazon

The firm tops the list of companies that sponsor H-1B visas. H-1B visa sponsorship at Amazon is likely to increase in the coming years too—the company plans to hire more than 1,000 MBAs in 2021. International grads can land jobs at Amazon in an array of areas, from finance and retail to product and program management. 4,774 visas approved.

Apply Here: Official website for applications

#7. Grace Healthcare Jobs

It is their genuine interest in people and their expertise that make Grace Healthcare Nursing Homes such a pleasant and comfortable place for residents to live. Various posts are open for applications. Right now applications for posts of Assistant Director, Healthcare assistant, Staff Nurse, Clinical Assistant, Housekeeping assistant, etc are open for application.

Apply Here: Official Link of Website

#8. Mowlam Healthcare

It is a modern nursing home designed specifically for the needs of our elderly residents, 24 hours a day.  They are now looking for caring, empathetic, and reliable people to join our multi-disciplinary team.

Apply Now: Official link for Application

#9. Sparktel Jobs

With over 40 years of growth and experience, our client is one of Ireland’s leading metal fabrication and design companies. They design, manufacture, and install high-quality bespoke products for both private and commercial customers. The company is experiencing continued growth due to the high demand for its design, manufacturing, and installation expertise. Various posts are open for application link to the official website is provided below application.

Apply Here: Website Official link

#10. PwC’s Jobs

They are looking for a new generation of talent to bring their life skills and new ways of thinking to our business. We want experienced beginners, creative perfectionists, and process-driven visionaries to join them. You will be part of a global firm of over 276,000 people in 157 countries with a reputation built on excellence with integrity.

Apply Here: The official link of a website

Frequently asked questions about visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland:

How can I get sponsorship to work in Ireland?

To get sponsorship to work in Ireland, you should apply for a role with an organization that offers sponsorship to non-EEA nationals. When you have a formal job offer, you can apply for an employment permit.

Next, you can apply for your work visa and if this is approved, you may come to Ireland to work.

Do Ireland companies sponsor visa?

Many companies do provide company-sponsored visas in certain countries.

Is it easy to get visa sponsorship in Ireland?

It is easy to get the Ireland Work Visa provided certain requirements are fulfilled by the applicants from outside the EU. They must have a job offer for a minimum of 2 years or plus and the salary must be more than 30,000 Euros.

Is it easy to get a job in Ireland?

Despite the necessity of visas and work permits, working in Ireland as a foreigner is not as difficult as it is in other European countries. Even though it was one of the economies hit the hardest by the global recession, it is also one of the fastest to bounce back.

Ireland Jobs for Pakistani - Ireland Work Visa For All Jobs 2022 - Pepsi Jobs in Ireland Online Apply 2022
Ireland Jobs for Pakistani
Ireland Jobs for Pakistani

FAQs – Ireland Jobs for Pakistani 2023

Q. Can Pakistanis work in Ireland in 2023?

A. Yes, Pakistani citizens can work in Ireland in 2023, but they typically need a valid work permit or visa to do so legally.

Q. What types of jobs are available in Ireland for Pakistanis in 2023?

A. Ireland offers a wide range of job opportunities in various sectors, including IT, healthcare, finance, engineering, hospitality, and more. The availability of jobs depends on your qualifications and experience.

Q. How can I find job openings in Ireland from Pakistan in 2023?

A. You can search for job openings in Ireland through online job portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies. Networking and professional platforms like LinkedIn can also be useful for job hunting.

Q. Do I need a work visa to work in Ireland in 2023?

A. Yes, if you are a Pakistani citizen, you will generally need a valid work visa or permit to work legally in Ireland. The specific visa requirements may vary based on your job, qualifications, and the duration of your stay.

Q. What is the process for obtaining a work visa for Ireland in 2023?

A. The process for obtaining a work visa for Ireland can vary depending on your circumstances. You may need to have a job offer from an Irish employer first, and then you can apply for a work visa through the Irish embassy or consulate in Pakistan.

Q. Are there any restrictions on Pakistani citizens working in Ireland in 2023?

A. Some jobs in Ireland may require specific qualifications or certifications. Additionally, there may be restrictions or quotas on certain types of work visas, so it is essential to check the latest immigration rules and regulations.

Q. What is the cost of living in Ireland in 2023?

A. The cost of living in Ireland can vary depending on the city and your lifestyle. Generally, Dublin, the capital, tends to be more expensive than other cities. You should consider factors like housing, transportation, food, and healthcare when estimating your living costs.

Q. Are there any cultural or language barriers for Pakistanis working in Ireland in 2023?

A. English is the primary language spoken in Ireland, so proficiency in English is essential for most jobs. Ireland is a multicultural country, and people from various backgrounds live and work there, so cultural diversity is generally respected and celebrated.

Q. What resources can help me with my job search in Ireland in 2023?

A. You can explore job search websites, contact the Irish embassy or consulate in Pakistan, join online forums or groups dedicated to job seekers in Ireland, and seek guidance from recruitment agencies specializing in international placements.

Q. How can I prepare for a job interview in Ireland in 2023?

A. To prepare for a job interview in Ireland, research the company, practice common interview questions, and be ready to discuss your qualifications and experiences. Dress professionally and be punctual for your interviews.

Please note that immigration and job requirements can change, so it is crucial to consult official sources and seek legal advice when planning to work in Ireland as a Pakistani citizen in 2023.

Ireland Jobs for Pakistani
Ireland Jobs for Pakistani

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