Save Money Shopping Tips

Save Money Shopping Tips – Spend less money on shopping. The arrival of fall and the news regarding the condition of the British economy constantly depressing people naturally begin to wonder how this could impact them during the winter months. People are reported to be not turning on their heating to save costs. This can lead to issues as you will need to prevent the moving components of your boiler and heating system from freezing when you really need them.

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In addition to costs for housing and energy Food prices have been rising over the past few months, with cereal and milk prices increasing noticeably in October.

How can save money and manage our houses cost-effectively? Talk to expert advice from Which? who have done the necessary research on numerous websites to determine where you can get the most value for money.

Danielle Richardson, Which? Money Expert, states “As the season of autumn gets underway, a lot people will find themselves browsing through websites to find winter clothing essentials and maybe getting the most of Christmas shopping. Whatever you are shopping for there are ways to keep your costs lower and earn cash while you shop.

“It  is always worth looking at some of the retailers you shop at to be sure you get the lowest price, and also looking for discounts and you may be able to sign up to retailer’s mailing lists for special offers. It is also possible to determine what you are hoping to purchase is second-hand- this can be a fraction of the cost of buying brand new.

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A few ways to find ways to save on your everyday expenses:

Spend Time Before You Spend Money

Before you buy, look through various shops and websites like Google Shopping, Price Runner, Price Spy, Kelkoo and, for Amazon products, Camel. To begin, find the product or model you are seeking and refine your search through these websites. The more precise you can be then the more vigilant you will be when a deal comes up.

Be sure to check the sales section as well, to find out if the retailer offers an app or a scheme that you can join which will give you an early entry to sales or special sales stock deals: Zara does this, for example.

Discount Codes and Mailing Lists

In the case of sales coupons, be sure you read for the conditions and terms of sale using extensions for your browser like Pouch or Voucher Codes Deal Finder, which will automatically searches for coupons that match your needs, that you can incorporate into your shopping cart and receive discounts when you pay for your purchase.

Subscribe to the retailer’s mailing lists to receive special discounts such as introductory offers as well as personalised coupons – these typically be delivered to your inbox when you have started filling the shopping basket. Tips: You can make a second email account to handle the emails, and then remove yourself from the list when you are finished.

Credit and Debit Cards

Cashback debit or credit cards typically provide between 0.25 and 5 percent for purchases. American Express Platinum Cashback and Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card offer the highest cashback rates available at this moment. The Lloyds Bank Cashback Credit Card and Santander All-in-One Credit Card have a fee of a tiny amount (PS3) therefore make sure that you are aware of the little costs as they add in the future. And always make sure to pay off your credit card in all-inclusive installments each month to avoid hefty interest fees.

Chase offer a current credit card with a cash-back rate of 1 percent for the first twelve months. It is also worth looking for special offers from your current credit card provider – you could be eligible for additional rewards.

Go Second-Hand

The purchase of second-hand items can provide you with used laptops, clothing as well as furniture, games consoles and household items. Certain sellers are selling off of unwanted brand new gifts, and it is worth checking out online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon Refurbished or applications like Depop or Vinted. You may also be able to sell your clothes online to pay for the expense of purchasing new ones.


The Consumer Contracts Regulations give you 14 days to decide whether you did like a full price refund , but you should be aware that you might not receive delivery costs refunded and returns might not be completely free. Return policies can also change by introducing fees where previously there was no charge. If an item is damaged or does not meet the specifications you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act, you have the legal right to a full reimbursement up to 30 days from receiving and includes delivery or return cost.

Display Item Discounts

Which? discovered major brands such as Birkenstock, Adidas and Timberland were clearing out displays or items that were damaged at huge discounts that might make sense for shoppers. Office Offcuts sells end of line, display, and last pairs of shoes and Schuh Imperfects claims that the shoes be scuffed, damaged, and other unique peculiarities.

There are also furniture that was displayed in the past, including bathrooms and kitchens at massive discounts if they are ot conforming to the retailer’s selling standards. For more substantial items, ensure that you inspect them in person prior to purchasing as the sellers are not necessarily will list all defects in detail. However, they may be able to pass in the event that you inspect the item in person.

Spend and Save

In addition, cashback is also available for purchases made through sites like Quidco or Top Cashback. Retailers can offer cashback as an amount fixed or as a percentage of your purchase, however, you will need to make use of the link on the cashback website for the purchase to be considered.

To sum it up make sure you read the conditions and terms of any website you purchase from, and then narrow your search to locate the best deals.

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