Make Money With Old Video Games

Make Money With Old Video Games – The process of getting rid of clutter can be difficult, particularly when you are looking over all the things you have paid for. We are helping to make this simpler for you by demonstrating how you can make money out of your old possessions. Today, we did like to show you the ways to earn money using your outdated video games. We have shown you how you can make money using the old discs, VHS tape and cassettes and it is only right that for video games to be mentioned. Continue reading to learn how you can collect or sell your video game and also the biggest gamer when it comes to making money.

Make Money With Old Video Games

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Gathering Video Games

Sell Video Games

Big Player

Make Money With Old Video Games

Collecting Video Games

The majority of people today own some sort of gaming console, from the Nintendo switch to an old N64. There is a huge selection of games and consoles that are popular with gamer around the world. The Video Gaming Industry estimated to be worth $178.73 Billion in 2021, it is clear that more and more people are investing the money in. It increased by 14.4 percent from 2020, and is expected to reach $268 Billion by 2025 . So it is the best time to begin investing.

Like most things there is a role for nostalgia with the recognizably of games however, there is always a desire from younger gamer So what should you invest in? It is your decision and you can choose to invest in old-fashioned games or start collecting games that you like to play. The market can be unpredictably, so something you believe to be a game that is popular could have less cartridges bought which means it could be more valuable over the long term.

Selling Video Games

There are many options when it comes to the sale of video games, so we will provide you with the details on the most effective choices.

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eBay is a great option for selling anything online It is simple to join, simple to sell items, and simple to earn money. There is the option for selling games separately or in a set, the decision is yours to make.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie lets you enter the bar code of your game to determine what they will offer you for it. The only thing you need to do is mail it to them, and wait for the cash to show up in your account in the bank. It is more straightforward than selling on eBay however you may not make as much profit.

Car Boot Sales

Your games might not be worth lots of money – but does not worry. You can still make some cash by selling your games at garage sales. You can also sell job slots or even individual games in any way, and you will recover some losses.

Big Players

We have compiled the five most expensive auctions for games, to help you find some hidden inside your basement.

Nintendo Campus Challenge

Created for Nintendo systems The game was developed specifically for campuses of colleges. With three games within it functions as triathlon. It was created to serve as an advertising tool that could help sell more consoles as well as encourage games that are competitive. It was sold in 2009 through an American auction, for $20,100.

Power Fest 1994

The game was developed to create a competition in gaming. Four teams competed for the best score in 3 Nintendo games. The original goal was to produce 35 cartridges, but there are only two left. They are not yet ready being sold a seller is offering $25,000.

Air Raid

Created for Atari 2600, this unique T-Shaped cartridge game came out in January day 1982. As with space invaders gamers battle in the sky to protect the earth from being invaded by aliens. A copy the game was purchased at a staggering $33,433.30 it is worth checking in your garage for.

1990 Nintendo World Championships

Another game of competition The game was created in the year 1990, and featured the release of only 116 cartridges. The majority of the 116 cartridges were covered in gold, and the remainder in typical grey. A cased in gold game was sold for $100,000 on eBay.

Sold Super Mario Bros

Created to be played by Nintendo game console, it is a sealed edition is Super Mario Bros, from 1985, is among probably the most costly video game that has ever been sold. It is possible to find it for a staggering $2,000,000! This book is astonished by its cost due to not being new and being it being a “limited printing run”.

Take a peek at your storage space now that you are aware of ways to earn money out of older video games!

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