Instant Money Do StoryBook REALLY GIVE You Cash Quickly?

 Instant Money DO STORYBOOKS REALLY GIVE You cash quickly?


While I am not a fan of books in the sense of the word… however when I last checked, I had a few thousand. The books I have accumulated since my birth, all the way to Uni as well as my companion collection – as We are all avid readers, they will soon pile up and the number is not likely to decrease. If I does not move in order to help this habit, I did prefer to let someone else take pleasure in the books I have not even looked at for some time.

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The Sponsor for this week is Storybooks and The Storybooks App. What started out as a simple work advertisement quickly became my new obsession and has forced me examine my numerous bookshelves and piles, and be brutally open about: “Do I really need these?” When the answer was not. I looked them up and am using the money I saved to pay for my “winter fuel budget” without actually doing anything.

To make others aware of how simple this can be I w ill walk about how the product functions.


It is really easy and, if you have ever sold CDs online, it is exactly the same concept.

After putting together a stack of books I would like to sell I downloaded the app HERE and registered my own account. Within a matter of minutes I used the scanner using my smartphone to scan the bar codes from the books I does not want and then watching them pile up inside The Storybooks basket.

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However, there were some titles that it did not require, and this is because the books you upload are compared against a huge catalog that is aware of what is popular as well as what is in short stocks and what is not, So does not worry when your first attempts are met with the “Sorry, this book is not required warning. Around a third of books I deleted were in this category. I was also puzzled by books that did not have bar codes, I did find an easy solution since they can be searched via the app. There is a catalog of books.

After just a few minutes, I was left with several books that I will have to box up and then sell elsewhere (or go to the nearby charity store) and a much larger number of books Storybooks were looking for. Even though the majority of them were provided with a modest amount (a couple of pennies) The odd title brought me a few dollars and a few more: They were certainly popular.


When I sid made the decision to put aside scanning for the present, and removed a whole area to use for something other (more books to be honest) I discovered a sturdy cardboard box (make sure that it is filled with all its components and can be sealed using strong sellotape or parcel tape) and packed my books with care, adding some foam padding that I had stored in a cabinet from an old machine.

Then I clicked on the sell my books option at the checkout, and checked that my printer was set to go. The app then sent me the label to print and I printed it out and then put it on the parcel. The app did mention that if I did not have the printer I could drop off the parcel at a local parcel shop and they will create the labels for me.


I chose the option on the app to have that package to be picked up from my shed in the garden, because Storybooks stipulated a collection time for the following day.

Then, at 10 am the next morning the package was taken from my shed, and the receipt was handed over with me not having to do anything else aside from lifting the box and put it in my shed.

And that is it. After a week the amount I earned from this small collection of titles (in this instance about a dozen books that were sold for less than PS29) showed up in my account, and it was transferred to my winter fuel fund.

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