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Transcrieme Jobs Work From Home – Welcome, If you want to make money online, you have come to the right place, and thanks for stopping by to read my article TranscribeMe.

If you have good typing speed then Transcribeme is a great website for you where you can earn money.


You want to work from home and want to make money online so Transcribeme jobs are the best website, and you are not alone. 80 Percent of people working from home say they now have less stress than when they worked a regular job. I can relate to that, and you probably can too. If you are stuck in a stressful job so I can get you out of it, you know how it feels.

Transcribeme Jobs Work From Home

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The problem is finding work that allows you to stay at home. TranscribeMe claims to help earn money online, but is it legit?

Knowing what you are signing up for ahead of time can be the difference between the life you want, or wasting time you do not have and are not you wasting your time doing all this? I will guide you completely.

TranscribeMe Jobs Work From Home
TranscribeMe Jobs Work From Home

In this review, I will go over who TranscribeMe is, what they do, and how they work. I will likewise discuss whether they are genuine or a trick, and in this case, being an interpreter can truly assist you with procuring additional pay.

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Here are the specific topics I am going to discuss:

  1. What is TranscribeMe?
  2. How Does TranscribeMe Work?
  3. Here is an Overview of How TranscribeMe Works
  4. TranscribeMe Sign Up
  5. TranscribeMe Login
  6. TranscribeMe Job Requirements
  7. How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?
  8. TranscribeMe Exam
  9. How Long Does the Exam Take?
  10. TranscribeMe Overview

What Is TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is a transcription service founded in September 2011 that caters to clients and freelance transcriptionists all over the world this is an original website that pays people for work.

They are headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Auckland, New Zealand, and Singapore.

I think you know that how transcription jobs work, however on the off chance that you are simply beginning, a typographer pays attention to sound as well as video documents and composing what they hear into a document.

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TranscribeMe is open to beginners, so if you have like to earn some extra income with Transcribeme jobs, this may be for you.

How Does TranscribeMe Work?

Do you know how does transcribeme works? Allow me first to say, the record is not generally so easy as it sounds. It is an incredible method for bringing in money on the web, but you will often listen to multiple people talking over each other, heavy accents, and slang that can be hard to understand To top it all the sound is regularly low quality.

It is expertise you create over the long run and the better you get, the more you can earn. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

Here is an Overview of How TranscribeMe Works:

A customer will present a sound or video record to TranscribeMe that needs to be transcribed.

They split the audio file into different sections that reach from seconds to a couple of moments in length.

Documents are then made accessible to transcriptionists in TranscribeMe jobs WorkHub.

You pick a file to work away at, present your finished file to TranscribeMe, and get compensated in case it is acknowledged by the site arbitrators.

TranscribeMe jobs Quality Assurance team will collate the chunk of files together, edit them and make corrections.

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They add timestamps and speaker IDs to the last duplicate copy.

After final review, they submit the transcript to the client, and if your job is perfectly fine do you get paid for it.

TranscribeMe Sign Up

TranscribeMe jobs invite beginners, and it is allowed to transcribe sign up, and apply.

The application process works like this:

Register online to get everything rolling by finishing the application form and giving an email address. Kindly note: Make sure to get to their application form by utilizing the Google Chrome program.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your application from TranscribeMe.

Once you confirmed your email, you will get a link to their online training program and verify your TranscribeMe jobs account.

Watch the short clarification video which gives a fast TranscribeMe outline. It will tell the best way to decipher sound utilizing their framework, and you will likewise gain admittance to their Style Guide so you can get ready for the test.

After training, you will be required to take their entrance exam and TranscribMe exam very easily for you, which is found in the Exam tab. Your grade is dictated by the precision of your record and how well you follow their Style Guide.

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It might take up to 12 working days to see whether you finished your TranscribMe test In case you pass, you can begin working immediately. Remember, however, TranscribMe does not promise you to work.

TranscribeMe Login

If you want to submit files for transcription as a client, please visit our Client Portal. If you work for TranscribeMe, you are in the right place!

Need some assistance? Please see our FAQ knowledge base for answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Please enter your user name and password. Register if you do not have an account.

TranscribeMe Job Requirements

Although they hire fresher, there are some requirements. Here is what you need to work at TranscribeMe.

  • You must be 18 Years old to work in your region, which you will Provide as proof by scanning your driving license or ID.
  • An email address of course.
  • You are also required to pass their exam.
  • An active PayPal account to get paid.

How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?

While a few companies like GMR Transcription pay each sound moment, TranscribeMe pays between $15 to $22 each sound hour.

Now it is important to know that you will not earn $15 or $20 in one hour because it can take three to four hours to write an audio

As a fresher person, your compensation will be on the lower end while those with specific foundations, like clinical or legal, will procure more from transcribeme jobs.

If we do some math, and an hour-long sound record (one sound hour) requires four hours to interpret, your real per-hour rate is $5.00. Assuming you can do it in a few hours, your per-hour rate will be higher at transcribeme jobs.

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So speed and exactness matter. If you require five minutes to translate one moment of sound, it will be not hard to bring in additional money thusly from transcribeme jobs.

So to the extent of how much money you can make from TranscribeMe, it relies upon how proficiently you can function. How quick and exact you are.

It also depends on how much work is available, which is one complaint I will gain later from TranscribeMe.

Pay is through PayPal and although I have perused clashing explanations, it shows up there is presently no base limit to meet.

TranscribeMe Exam

You can get to the TranscibeMe test through the test entryway. Once inside you will see a sound player with play, forward, and turn around controls just like the volume.

Underneath that is a text field where you will type the sound you hear.

How Long Does the Exam Take?

The TranscribeMe test requires around 3 hours to finish and is isolated into numerous areas, so in case you can not finish the test at a time, you can save each part and return to it later.

Important: You must click save or next to move onto the section because their system will not save the incomplete text. Nor can they recover unfinished audio files.

You have two chances to finish the test and assuming you fail, you should stand by 30 days to take it once more.

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TranscribeMe Overview

Record is a direct side hustle: You pay attention to a sound document and type what you hear being said.

Direct is not as old as, be that as it may. You will listen to speakers, all things considered, from those with heavy accents and the individuals who mumble to the people who articulate unmistakably. You will need to manage cross talk, helpless sound quality, look into terms, and pay attention to a similar sound over and over.

But at the same time, it is remunerating work. Your records might give inscriptions or make research simpler for an individual who is nearly deaf or may even be utilized in lawful cases or for clinical purposes. (Note that being a legitimate or clinical transcriptionist, for the most part, includes specific preparation.)

At the point when you work with TranscribeMe, you will transcribeme sign up into its WorkHub, which you should have Google Chrome to get to. Then, at that point, you will have the chance to guarantee any accessible TranscribeMe occupations.

Pick up an audio file, transcribe it and submit it, all through the hub. Files tend to be brief, from 10 seconds to one minute each.

TranscribeMe prides itself on crowdsourcing these transcriptions, so the audio submitted to the company is diced into small pieces and assigned to many transcriptionists, who work simultaneously.

After every one of the pieces is finished, the quality affirmation office assembles the documents. That is the stage when time stamps and speakers’ names are added, so you just need to zero in on what is said in your sound record, not who is idiom it.

A quality assurance person will review your work and make corrections as necessary, and you will get paid for accepted work. (If your work requires a lot of corrections, it may be rejected. Please refer to the current TranscribeMe Handbook for procedures and minimums.)

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