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Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers – Looking for ways to earn money online using your teaching skills? online tutoring jobs for teachers might be the way to go. In many cases, you can set your own timetable and work so a lot or as little as you need. Experienced mentors can take in substantial income yet it requires some investment to develop your business and discover customers. If you are not ready to strike out on your own just yet, try one of these online tutoring sites.

Recall that everybody’s involvement in these locales will be unique, so do your exploration prior to joining. Explore reviews on sites like Indeed or Glassdoor, and request exhortation from different educators on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE bunch on Facebook.

Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers
Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers

Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers


Tutoring Subjects: All subjects

Pay Rate: Average $25/hour, per online reviews

Prerequisites: Teaching certificate and/or bachelor’s degree; background check

At Skooli, understudies students looking for mentoring enter their questions on the site and are matched with an available tutor. Often that means helping children with their homework questions during instant sessions, though you can also set up more traditional regular tutoring sessions with a student. The pay rate is decent, but note that you are not guaranteed work. You will earn money online tutoring jobs for teachers if you tutor in high-demand subjects and have lots of availability.

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Tutoring Subjects: ESL for Chinese elementary students

Money Rate: $7-$9 per class; $14-$22 per hour with incentives factored in

Prerequisites: Tutors need a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience teaching or tutoring. All applicants must record a demo lesson, then become certified if accepted.

This is the best site for online tutoring created specifically to teach English as a second language to children ages 4-12 in China. Tutors must use a pre-designed program so there is no lesson planning and VIPKid handles all parent communication. It is a full immersion one-on-one program, which means you do not need to be proficient in any language except English.

The most challenging part for many tutors is the hours. You can work as much or as little and earn money online tutoring jobs for teachers as you want, but since lessons take place during daytime hours in China, American and Canadian tutors may need to be up late at night or early in the morning. See our full review of online tutoring jobs with VIPKid 

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Tutoring Subjects: ESL for Chinese elementary students

Money Rate: $8-$10 per class; $16-$20 per hour

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate; available at least 6 hours/week

Qkids website same site as VIPKid. Tutors use a set Resume on a game-based learning platform. Classes last 30 minutes, with 1 to 4 elementary-aged students in each. Qkids handles all the parent convey, grading, and other administrative duties. They have a fairly extensive application process, which requires several demo lessons followed by trial lessons with real students (you will be paid for the trial lessons).

If you are successful pass the test then you can earn money online tutoring jobs for teachers you will be offered a six-month contract. Like VIPKid, the biggest challenge may be the hours due to the time differences.

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Varsity Tutors

Tutoring Subjects: Any; specializes in test prep

Money Rate: Average $17/hour for tutoring, $15/hour for test prep, per Indeed salary survey

Prerequisites: None listed on site; an application is required

Varsity Tutors is a popular choice for ACT/SAT and AP test preparation, but it offers online tutoring in attractive much any subject. The website is a small skimpy on information for prospective tutors, but the company’s review on Indeed indicates you should have a degree in the subject you wish to teach. See more info about Varsity online tutoring jobs for teachers who have worked there on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE on Facebook.

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PrepNow Tutoring

Tutoring Subjects: ACT/SAT Test Prep, Advanced Math

Money Rate: Average $19/hour, per Indeed salary survey

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree; 2 years teaching/tutoring experience; available 6 hours/week

PrepNow focuses on preparing high school students to succeed on the ACT and SAT, though they also offer tutoring in math subjects like calculus and trigonometry. Their test prep curriculum is pre-designed, and they will train you in how to use it. You set your hours with students, usually evenings or weekends. This is a good option for those new to the tutoring game looking to build a little experience and earn money online by online tutoring jobs for teachers.

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Tutoring Subjects: More than 200 subjects, with emphasis on test prep

Money Rate: Average $12/hour, per Indeed salary survey

Prerequisites: Available 5 hours a week; bachelor’s degree (or at least two years into a currently active program); expertise in the subject

As you might guess from a site owned by The Princeton Review, focuses on test prep but offers online tutoring jobs in a large selection of subjects. They tout the fact that many of their tutors have degrees from prestigious universities and must prove their expertise, but tutors who have worked for them note their average starting pay rate is much lower than other companies. Experienced tutors may earn money more, though.

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Tutoring Subjects: World languages listed here

Money Rate: Tutors set their own rates; italki takes a 15% commission

Prerequisites: Teaching certificate or university degree in language teaching

If you are a world language teacher and want to earn money online tutoring jobs for teachers. Italki is a good place to gain tutoring clients. After you pass the application process and are accepted, you create an online profile with an introductory video. This profile shows your qualifications and rates. Students can contact you to arrange lessons if they are interested. Italki takes a 15% commission, so factor that into your rates.

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Tutoring Subjects: All subjects

Money Rate: Varies; tutors bid on questions they wish to answer

Prerequisites: None listed; application required

Studypool promises you can earn money answering homework questions, and their bidding system makes them unique among online tutoring jobs. Students post a question or assignment they need help with, and registered tutors bid for the job by indicating how much they would charge to help. Jobs could be as simple as a few minutes answering a basic question or longer hours helping with a presentation or essay.

Online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most tutors saying that they appreciate the ability to control their working time and pay rates. Studypool does take a percentage of your fee (from 20-33%, according to online reviews), so be sure to factor that into your bid.

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Tutoring Subjects: Any subject you can prove your proficiency in

Money Rate: You set your own rates; Wyzant retains 25% platform fee and 9% service fee

Prerequisites: Complete an application; no certifications required

If you are looking to establish your own tutoring business but not sure how to get clients or handle the administrative part, check out Wyzant. Teachers create a free profile that lists their subject area expertise, availability, and rates. Students looking for tutors review the profiles and reach out if they are interested. Wyzant handles all the billing but retains fairly hefty fees, so set your rates accordingly.

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Tutoring Subjects: Any

Money Rate: You set your own rates

Prerequisites: ID and background check is a trusted site where parents can find childcare solutions, including nannies, babysitters, and tutors. They complete ID and background checks (for a fee), so parents can feel safe trusting their kids with you. Once you are cleared, you create a profile and offer your services at whatever rates you feel are appropriate. You can get a free Basic membership to looks things over and see if looks right for you.

When you are ready to begin interacting with potential clients, you will need a Premium membership which requires a monthly fee. The good news is that does not take any commission from your rates, so the monthly fee is all you will need to pay them. All the money you earn money from tutoring gigs is yours.

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Tutoring Subjects: Any

Money Rate: You set your own rates; Outschool takes a flat 30% commission

Prerequisites: ID and background check

Outschool is a site that helps teachers organize, promote, and deliver online classes. Though most teachers use it to provide multi-student classes, you can also offer your services as a tutor through the site. Educators can create a class on any subject they like, from academic subjects to hobbies like cooking or music lessons. Design a curriculum, then offer your class at times and rates that are right for you.

It is free to post your class; Outschool takes a 30% commission from any fees you earn. Lots of teachers really enjoy using this option to earn money, since it gives them a chance to focus on subjects they love and reach students who are truly interested in their topics.

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