The First Microfinance Bank Loan – Bank Loan Details Apply Online

The First Microfinance Bank Loan - Bank Loan Details Apply Online
The First Microfinance Bank Loan – Bank Loan Details Apply Online

The First Microfinance Bank Loan – Bank Loan Details Apply Online

FIRST Karobar Sarmaya is a loan product for people doing business / income generating activities for a variety of purposes. It is aimed at home-based entrepreneurs, especially women, as well as small shops in market / commercial areas, which carry out manufacturing, marketing or service activities. Now without any long process and criteria, visit your nearest bank branch to get a benefit from this offer. The application including other formalities are very simple and rapid in nature.

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First Karobar Sarmaya Eligibility Criteria

a)      Annual income (net of business expenses) not exceeding PKR 1,200,000
b)      Valid CNIC
c)      Age between 18 and 65 years
d)     Business experience of at least one year for individual loans (for clients with credit history) and group loans, and at least two years for individual loans for clients without credit history;

First Karobar Sarmaya Type of Credit

Short to Medium Term Finance

First Karobar Sarmaya Purpose of Credit

Working capital (including permanent working capital)

Acquisition of fixed assets

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First Karobar Sarmaya Loan Amount

Minimum: PKR 20,000

Maximum: PKR 350,000

First Karobar Sarmaya Loan Repayment

Equal monthly installments

Equal quarterly fees (only for mountainous areas)

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First Karobar Sarmaya Required Documents

a)      Group guarantee
b)      Personal guarantee
c)      Third party personal guarantee
d)     Lien on National Savings Certificates / Deposit Account
e)      Property (residential, commercial and agricultural land)

How to Apply For The First Microfinance bank Ltd Loan Programs

Click to explore the bank branches. Visit the nearest bank to apply for your favorite loan program:

The First Microfinance bank Ltd Contact Information

16th/ 17th Floors, Habib Bank Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Toll Free: 0800-FIRST (34778)
Fax: (+92-51) 2821817

Business Loans

To increase turnover, support liquidity, fixed assets for business development and increase capacity.

For banking charges on this product, see. please see the table here.

Product terms

  • Loan amount: up to USD 300,000 (equivalent in TJS); Loan term;
  • Up to 48 months; Loan currency
  • TJS / USD;


  • Up to USD 2,000 (and the equivalent in TJS) without collateral and surety;
  • Up to US $ 3,000 (TJS equivalent) without collateral and guarantor for repeat and exemplary clients;
  • Moving bond up to USD 5,000 (and TJS equivalent) and 1 guarantor;
  • Real estate worth more than USD 5,000 (and the equivalent in somoni) and 1 guarantor.

Housing Incremental Loan (Tameer)

The purpose of loan is to finance housing improvement related activities such as, repairs, upgrades or connection to basic services to an existing home that the borrowers already owns or inhabits and which is his/her primary residence.

Find out if you are Eligible:

Afghan National hold valid Tazkira
Lives within FMFB-A’s operational scope or coverage
Age between 18-65
Should be able to provide required securities + guarantors
Positive loan history with FMFB if any
Small business owner/salaried employee

Terms and Condition:

Loan Ticket commencing from AFN 15,000 – 500,000 or equivalent to USD
Loan Tenor from 6 – 36 Months
Grace Period from 1 – 3 months
Equal Monthly Installment (EMI)
Original title deed of property and one guarantor (no title deed for amount less than AFN 100,000 or equivalent in USD. However, two guarantors are must)
Less than a week of turnaround time or processing if the required documents are provided.

For Further, information and inquiries please visit your nearest branch or contact us through:


Helpdesk: 599 (Saturday to Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM).

First home loan

Loan offer up to Rs. 3,000,000 for private house:

A first home loan is a loan facility for people who want to improve their lifestyle. Used for home purchase, new construction or repair and expansion factors including infrastructure remodeling, extra room construction, paint and varnish, drainage system installation, electrical equipment system installation etc. can go.


Annual income (including business expenses) shall not exceed PKR 1500,000 (or from time to time as directed by SBP).
Computerized National Identity Card
Age range: 18 to 65 years
Salary Person: Permanent employees working in government / semi-government / private institutions
Entrepreneurs: At least three years of business experience
Pensioners can also avail this loan

The nature of the loan

Medium and long term debt

The purpose of the loan

Housing loans can be given for renovation, construction improvement, home expansion and construction and purchase of new home.

Non-structural work refers to minor improvements to homes such as repairs, painting, floor carpeting and plumbing.

Structural Improvement refers to making additional changes to an existing home, that is, adding major changes to the structure of the home, such as rooms or bathrooms.
Can be taken for new construction, construction of residential structure on the plot or completion of new structure Purchases include the purchase of a home or residential unit.

How to get a loan

Individual loan

The value of the loan

Non Structural Minimum: – / Rs. 150,001 to – / Rs. 350,000
Structural, New Construction or Purchase Minimum: – / Rs. 350,001 to – Rs. 3,000,000

Loan term

Up to 3 years on renovation and purchase work
Up to 15 years on construction work

Loan repayment

Equal monthly installments
Equivalent quarterly installments for specific areas only


Personal or third party guarantee
Celery account as mortgage
Pension account as mortgage
Property as mortgage
National Savings Certificate or Deposit Account Mortgage, FMFB or TDR Account as Mortgage

Other benefits

Credit Linked Life Insurance

Other important information

The bank reserves the right to reprocess the loan after 3 years keeping in view the pricing policy

Schedule of charges

The FMFB will deduct bank charges and government taxes as per the existing schedule of charges which are available on the bank’s website and branches.

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