Japan Work Pemit Visa – Japan Visa for Pakistan – Government of Pakistan – Overseas Employment Corporation


Japan Work Pemit Visa – Japan Visa for Pakistan – Government of Pakistan – Overseas Employment Corporation


Posted on:         28th September 2021
Location:           Japan
Education:         BA MA
Last Date:          October 04, 2021
Vacancy:            5000+
Salary Range:    100000 to 500000
Gender:              Both (Male & Female)
Company:         Overseas Employment Corporation
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Vacant Positions:

Software Engineer, Machine Learning             Click Here

Software Engineer, Microservices Platform    Click Here

Security Engineer                                             Click Here

Data Scientist                                                   Click Here

AI Software Engineer                                       Click Here

Required Experience
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Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Job Description
Work Responsibilities:
Design, build and maintain machine learning systems to improve customer experience and optimize our service operations.
Utilize a massive amount of data with artificial intelligence, natural language processing and computer vision technologies for user understanding and item understanding
In addition to building machine learning models, you will be responsible for microservice development to integrate the models into the Mercari App.

Software Engineer, Microservices Platform
Job Description
Work Responsibilities:
The purpose of our team is to create a platform where the developers can be creative and contribute to the delivery of innovative products to our user base.
Specifically, the work will be to build a microservices platform based on Kubernetes. One of the main roles will involve being a Kubernetes Cluster Admin and developing tools and/or services that can improve the developing speed and reliability of the microservices. As SREs, supporting the development and operation of highly-reliable microservices with full consideration of scalability is another significant responsibility.

Security Engineer
Job Description
Work Responsibilities

As a Security Engineer in the Security Engineering Team, you will perform security design and process reviews as well as develop and deploy security countermeasures, and execute penetration tests.
This is a unique role since you will be involved in high-stakes projects across the organization.
In addition, you will help us ensure the integration of and compliance with security best practices, frameworks, and regulations in these projects.

Data Scientist
Job Description
Work Responsibilities

Lead the technical aspects of PoC and other projects
Proposing appropriate technical solutions to clients’ problems
Mathematical modeling (prediction, optimization, statistical model design, etc.)
Technical research through international conferences, papers, etc.
Implementation of algorithms and logic, and evaluation of accuracy and performance
Implementation of operational logic
Horizontal deployment of technology and technology branding
Generalization of implementation logic
Disclosure of technical knowledge (speaking at workshops and meetups, writing tech blogs, etc.)
Development environment
Language: Python
Environment used: GCP / AWS / Linux / Docker / Kubernetes
Libraries used: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Transformers, OpenCV, pandas, spaCy, LightGBM, etc.

AI Software Engineer
Job Description
Work Responsibilities

Apply software development practices and standards to develop robust and maintainable software
Develop abstract analytic models to solve complex problems for decision analysis
Maintain an active role in every part of the software development life cycle
Guide non-technical teams and consultants in understanding analytics at scale, infrastructure as code and best practices for robust software development
Optimize and enhance computational efficiency of algorithms and software design
Design data structures and visualization of results to provide users actionable intelligence and situational awareness of supporting data
Interact directly with clients on new features for future product releases
Share software design and solutions ideas.

Required Education
Graduation or higher degree in one of the following disciplines:
i. Computer Science
ii. Software Engineering
iii. Information Technology
iv. Business Information Technology
v. Electrical Engineering
vi. Electronics Engineering
vii. Telecommunication Engineering


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