Meti Government of Japan Internship – Meti Japan Internship Program – Govt of Japan internship


Meti Government of Japan Internship – Meti Japan Internship Program – Govt of Japan Internship

 Meti Government of Japan Internship

Govt of Japan Internship also known as METI Japan Internship program aims to be a platform for global talent and an opportunity for university students & highly skilled professionals to help in facilitating the overseas expansion & development of Japanese companies mainly small & medium scale. This internship throughout two courses aims to achieve three main goals: knowledge building of development & expansion of overseas businesses expanding & creating new networks with overseas universities in order to secure foreign high skilled professionals &garnering and learning from the foreign talent remotely.

Important to note that the Govt of Japan internship (keeping in mind the pandemic situation) will take place ONLINE in order to combat the inflow & outflow of the internees. It will be a telework type internship program funded by the Japanese Govt METI internship program aims to hire international students to encourage the overseas development of Japan businesses.

Here are other details about the Government of Japan Internship Program
Program schedule:

Course A: Satellite office-based internships. In 6 countries, there are 12 satellite offices chosen and internees can go there & continue with the internship. Offices are in the following countries:

Vietnam (HCMC/Hanoi/Da Nang)
Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)
Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung)
Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
Course B:

Work from home.
Deadline is                  31-08-2021
Country:                      Online
Financial coverage:     Fully Funded
Deadline:                     31-08-2021

Eligibility Criteria :

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the Govt of Japan internship:

OECD residents can apply.
Skilled professionals outside of Japan can apply.
People from China cannot apply for this program.
Participants who have already been a part of this internship are not eligible.
Mandatory to have N3 language proficiency in either Japanese or English.
Be willing to work for a Japanese business for promoting international and overseas trade.
Be available to work five days a week ( Monday to Friday).
Submit a university or school enrolment certificate or a graduation certificate
A letter of recommendation from their respective institutes is required.

Job/Internship Description :

Formulating an internship plan and discussing it with the Internship manager
Participating in pre-training, Kick-off training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.
Strive for good communication
Taking responsibility for their safety and health.
Contact with the host company and office regularly for reporting or consulting purposes.
Obliged to handle tasks requested from the program office (document, notification, and report) during the internship period and before and after the internship.
Appropriate behaviour is required as a recipient of public funds from the Japanese government.

Benefits :
The government of Japan internship offers the following benefits:

Intercultural awareness and network building.
Remote internship, so a golden opportunity to learn without worrying about the travelling costs.
Participation certificates.
The host will provide facilities like a telephone to the internees.
Course A internees will also get internship insurance.
An allowance equivalent to 40,000 Yen will be provided to Course A internees if they complete the course.

Required Documents:

Scanned copy of passport,
Photographs of applicants,
Language proficiency certificate,
Letter of recommendation from employer and if the applicant is a student,
A letter of enrolment should be provided.


Meti Government of Japan Internship – Meti Japan Internship Program – Govt of Japan Internship

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