Govt Of Pakistan & International Free Scholarship

 Govt Of Pakistan & International Free Scholarship


 Mobile Manufacturing

Who can apply
All Pakistan & Azad Kashmir nationals can apply for this course.
Minimum Qualification :  Matric Pass
However Students appearing in exam 2021 can Apply

How to apply
Fill the admission form online and submit online before 05 April, 2021.

Mobile Manufacturing Assembly

Mobile Manufacturing Training

Mobile Marketing Training

Course Fee
Tuition fee for this course is Rs 24000/– payable on voucher issued by Govt. Universities/Institutions.

For this  course Government and International Agencies are very generous, Fully funded scholarships are available those Scholarships cover Tuition fee, Hostel, Food and Health Insurance.

All Students will be offered  Internship Rs=5000/ per month during their internship period.



Registration Fee:

On Scholership :    3500/-
Non Scholership:   1500/-

مزید معلومات کی لئے
ایڈمیشن آفس نیشنل سکلز یونیورسٹی
اسلام آباد
0320-0449972,051-9250912,051-9250908 پر رابطہ کریں۔




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