Korea Visa for Pakistani 2021

Korea Visa for Pakistani 2021

Step 01: EPS-TOPIK pass
Step 02: Job application/ Roster making and registration
Step 03: Standard Labor Contract Signing
Step 04: Preliminary Training
Step 05: Entry in Korea/ Employment Entry in Korea/ Employment

Step 01: EPS-TOPIK Test of Proficiency in Korean
Eligibility to apply for EPS-TOPIK

Male or Female
Must be 18 to 39 years at the time of pre-registration
No criminal record in the Pakistan and not in ECL
Person who don’t have more than 5 years’ sojourn in Korea
No record of illegal stay in Korea
Not restricted from re-entering Korea
Must have machine readable passport
(Applicants with color blindness, color weakness are not permitted)
Implementation of EPS-TOPIK
Implemented at each country considering the number of valid rosters and anticipated roster-exhausting time
Specific schedule and details are announced in advance



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